Any sailors around in Rome or Lazio?

Moved to Rome a couple of months ago. I sail, from skiffs to yachts.
Could not imagine what a hard time I would have finding

1/ a sailclub where you could rent a club-owned skiff
for half a day or a day. Anything would do Hobiecat, Laser,...

2/ a private yacht where one occasionally can sail along as crew,
either as short term delivery crew (moving it somewhere for a weekend e.g.)
or regattas etc..

3/ a bareboat charter company in the region. All boats i have seen for charter
are mainly day charters only, and come with a package including the skipper.

Any ideas out there? Does not have to be Rome (Fiumicino/Ostia marinas), but
I would even be willing to drive further out, if it was for a good day or weekend of sailing!!


Peter - boatless in Rome.
(even worse: boatless in Fregene, at 200m from the sea!!)

What about going to the nearest sail loft and asking around?  They would know everyone.

Hi Oreneta,

No joy. Tried everything. Went to sail clubs, asked boat owners,.. The answer always seems to be the same: "Nope, know of nothing, but if you find any, let me know, as I know plenty of other people who would like to know too.!" ha!


Lasers are cheap.

Opti's are cheaper....????

What about deliveries?

Deliveries, same thing: no joy! :(

Update. Update.... I found one place that rents out a Hobiecat. (even though at 40 euro per hour, but special place for several hours): BreakPoint beach club, southern point of the beach strip in Fregene.

Have you tried to crew on a boat ?

I am a consultant.
I got client how got a Nautical yard in Fiumicino and if we will better understand in which way we can cooperate, then we will be ready to do.
Dott. Antonio Baldino

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