Time taken for attestation and processing of saudi work visa

Hi Pani,

I am also facing the same situation, my degree is verified now my agent is telling me that the degree is pending for cultural attache stamping.

I have this pending for the last 15 days,  and still waiting,  do not know how much more time it would take. If you get to know the time taken for cultural attache stamping please reply to me as well

Also please let me know what all things are pending post this stamping and how much more time it would before i could finally travel to Saudi



Hi sejjal
Yea sure u need to get them stamped.
I think u dont need more than 10 days to have visa on ur passport,
U should do medical test as well


The delay is largely due to the Hajj season. The attestations and visa should not take more than 10 days at the max.


dear kindly confirm from your agent that culture mission will attest degree if there is slightly mistake in name on degree and passport i.e hamayoon instead of humayun ..plz ask

Thanks a lot Mike for your revert, just wanted to know after the Cultural stamping

1. what all stamping/attestation are pending
2. How many days it takes for Visa stamping my medical is done
3. In Riyadh can a single non Muslim working woman, 25 years of age, can stay alone... is it safe....
4. how much for a 1 or 2 BHK apartment in a posh Indian locality will be costing me

Looking forward for a revert at the earliest



Besides Valid Passport & medical fit reports ,What are the other documents required for applying Saudi visa/stamping.

I submitted my passport & medical reports 20 days back & My consultant is saying that it is under process.

Is there any way/site to check  visa no & mofa no provided while gng for medical tests

sathappan_85[at]yahoo.com. i need to get it done GAD/ HRD attestation in Tamil nadu. Can some one give agent contact details

My degree is attested long back ago  say in 2000.it has all satamp hrd,M.O.E and saudi consulate and  embassy except saudi culture.. i am planning to quit my job and coming to new job. i heared  i need saudi culture stamped also.  could some body share information how long it take to visa stamp and saudi culture. in my case  what will be the cycle of visa stamp.

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Hello Friend,
                    I am vigneshwaran,working in KSA as civil engineer since july 2014. Unfortunately i came in welder(Labour) Visa ,and Iqama also says iam a labour.But actually i am working as a engineer.Now i want to change my profession in my iqama.
for that i should complete the attestation in my BE certificates.

Can i change my profession..?
If yes means what are all the documents i should submit to the embassy.( Already i  completed my HRD and MEA before 6 months).

What kind of letter i should get from my company and where it should be attested...?
Please help me...

+919600029303 Arabian attestation


This is Chethan. I got offer in riyadh. I sent all the required documents. Can anyone please let me know the visa process and how much time it will take to get the visa?



Sirs, plzz help,

I have submitted my resume for a position in KSA as financial analyst on March, at the end of August the manager called me to ask if I'm still available for the role to which I said yes and then he told me that he will ask the HR to begin the recruitment process (interview, ...). From then until now, I haven't receive no email or any information about the status of the recruitment process.

Should I call the director or someone in HR or just wait ?


is there anyone come thru Adwaa to teach English in college? we have not heard for 3 month.

work until you have visa in your hand. we are waiting for 3 month and  nothing.

Any one have an ide about my question ?


Hello sir
i have selected as lecturer in one of the saudi universities i have completed my hrd and sent my certificates to the consultancy for further process almost 4 months compltd but i did not receive my visa plz help me with ur sugg.

Hello Everyone ,

Greetings ,

Was going through the posts & their responses and see quite some ....Kudos to the moderator , contributors and all helpful people out there .

I got an offer for KSA as a sales manager >60 days back .

Have been offered SAR10k basic + SAR4.5 k towards rent / elec & internet (+there is a performance linked incentive too up to a max of 07 months basic) .... is the salary offered sufficient for a family of 04 ( me , wife + 02 kids - 9 S & 14 D ) to live in Dammam -Al Khobar .

# 1 ) What time frame is required for the Visa formalities .......its been > 65 days and the company is asking me to have patience ......i believe on confirmation the process for Medical , Attestation etc too will take time ? is it normal ?

#2 ) Any suggestions on getting children admitted in 05th(Male ) & 10th (F) Std. school (preferably CBSE board )

#3 ) Can any forum member make a FAQ on the typical questions asked /  most relevant ones , asked on this blog ?

Hoping to hear back.

Thanks & Regads


Pls  going to their website and complaint to him .

Anil.kharyal :

Pls  going to their website and complaint to him .


First you will have to get it attested your Engineering degree certificate from NORKA office from where you completed your education, NORKA office is available in each state. I do not know  from which state are you.

Once your degree certificate is attested scan your certificate and take a photo copy of both sides for your safety. Because the attestation will be done only at the backside of certificate. You submit this certificate, VISA slip and medical examination report to a qualified travel agent ( who has approval from Saudi Consulate - In India to my knowledge there are only four or five approved agents ) and get a receipt for your all documents submitted. Normally it should be done within 2 weeks. because there are two / three days in week submission and at the same time there are 2/3 days delivery. Once a document is submitted the delivery will be within 2/3 days. thanks

Wakala letter is nothing but an official letter issued from one of the authorized general service in the Kingdom authorizing one of the agent in your country to process your VISA formalities and documentation. This will have to be given by the company who has offered your employment and VISA issued. Without wakala  Saudi Consulate will not accept the document. Call your employer - Jeddah office and ask them to give you a wakala. Before asking you get the correct information of authorized and approved agent of Saudi Consulate in Mumbai / Delhi. You can get the details from their site.

Hi , Could you help me with me some agent I need to do Certificate attestation from Chennai Anna university.


Hi sir,

I am abhishek from Mumbai,I am selected for one company base in al khoober Saudi Arabia as an electrical engineer.one placement service which is in Mumbai conduct my interview with said Saudi company.Initially they told me your visa category will be an engineer,but after two month,Now they inform me that your degree certificate attestation required more time around 2-3 months hence WAKALA copy and your medical will expire,better you go on technician VISA ,technician visa is available and will processed fast.I already  submitted positive medical fitness report and my HRD attested engineer degree certificate along with my original passport.

I want to know degree attestation is compulsory for stamping engineer visa on passport?

Do WAKALA copy really expire after certain time?

Do degree attestation from Saudi embassy require 2-3 months? 

kindly consider and need your immediate replay on this i already left my job here in India.
and can it will be safe to migrate on technician VISA

My email ID is Abhi9870665070[at]gmail.com

Thanks & regards,


same problem for me also,,i am not getting MOFA stamp on my company letter to get my certificate attestaion.. they are simply rejecting here & in india saudi embessy is not accepting

same roblem for me,,Frm riyadh  mobile0501760429

Are you from India. If you are from India first you get your certificate attested by the NORKA office from which state you have completed your education. Once that is attested then Saudi Consulate will attest you certificate along with your employment VISA. No other office will attest your certificate

Are you from India. If you are from India first you get your certificate attested by the NORKA office from which state you have completed your education. Once that is attested then Saudi Consulate will attest you certificate along with your employment VISA. No other office will attest your certificate

Are you from India. If you are from India first you get your certificate attested by the NORKA office from which state you have completed your education. Once that is attested then Saudi Consulate will attest you certificate along with your employment VISA. No other office will attest your certificate

The salary offered is quite sufficient and you have have good potential for savings. Normally the standard company offer is basic salary, 25% housing allowance or 3 Months basic salary as housing, 10% car allowance ( or company car with certain restrictions) and any other benefits, sales incentives or other offer provided by the employer.

the processing of VISA stamping should be done within 30 days provided the company has a VISA in their hand. First you will have to your degree certificate from the NORKA office from which you had completed your education. On getting attestation you will give to your agent for endorsement by Saudi Consulate and a medical check up report approved by the Saudi Consulate in India. that you can get from agent. Once this document is submitted and VISA is available then they can get it endorsed immediately. The problem will appear only because of the category of VISA available with the employer / agent and your job offer. If you do not have the certificate for the VISA category available with the agent then they manipulate or get some duplicate document to submit to Saudi Consulate for stamping the VISA. Regarding your children admission in the school can be completed on their arrival. You can not bring your family along with you and only after your arrival you will process the VISA for your family and can be joined along with you. It will take at least 4 - 5 months after your arrival. If your children were under CBSE it is easy to get them admission. There will be a  small entrance test or something to get the admission. If you are seeking an admission for X CBSE, to my knowledge and advise better NOT to bring that child for schooling here as they will have to go back for higher studies in India. They can't be exposure to any thing here and the education is only bookworm in Saudi Arabia. For higher studies he has to go back in India for a better education. What you can do is apply for the VISA and after coming here sent him back at same school for continuous education and keep the VISA live so long as you are in KSA. Thanks

Any body has experience of getting cultural attestation done from Saudi embassy on a degree of R G P V Bhopal?
How much time university take to give reply to embassy? Does it help if one visit university?
Any help will be highly appreciated,

Its already about 2 months since i have submitted my degree for cultural attestation? Status is reply from university is pending?
Kindly reply

You get your degree certificate attested back from India - NORKA and Saudi Consulate Delhi / Bombay. From here you can't get the document attested.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
I have job offer from SABIC.
I am an instrument engineer ,interviewed for the position of instrument engineer and  selected for the same position that is INSTRUMENT Engineer.
But when original offer letter received  with signature of Saudi chamber of commerce, job title was INSPECTION engineer instead of instrument engineer.
I told the consultant to change my job title from inspection to instrument engineer from SABIC.
They insisted that it won't affect my job or job role as instrument engineer in SABIC.I will be working as instrument engineer only in SABIC.
My fear is if SABIC treating me mistakenly as  INSPECTION engineer then.
I am not able to trust the consultant and don't have any contact with SABIC.
I am from India.
Please help

I have completed HRD and MEA, any letter of confirmation required from university for Saudi embassy Attestation?

Also I know that validity of medical certificate is upto 3 months. I like to know this validity is from medical test completed date to visa application date or upto the travel date?

Densil :

I have completed HRD and MEA, any letter of confirmation required from university for Saudi embassy Attestation?

This will not create any problem for you. They may not be having particular categories of VISA. Only in your employment offer they should specifically show that your position is Instrument / Instrumentation Engineer. VISA category does not make any changes.

What you understand by HRD and MEA. Once medical is completed it will be valid for 90 days. Before this date your VISA has to be stamped in your passport. After stamping your Visa in your passport you will have 89/90  days to depart from your country of origin. You are from which part of the world. For certificates etc, every country is not having same procedures.

hi all
I have got the selection in Saudi University.I want to know about the Living cost in Saudi

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