Time taken for attestation and processing of saudi work visa

60-90working days

thanks.. its already 2 months by now... so how long more it might take?

how is the process of getting MEA attestation ? i am going to do hrd attestation and know the process but i am confused in MEA attestation ? i have got e-wakala from saudi arabia for labor visa. i will change the profession after i go there ...

Dear Sir,

Before going to give your certificate for saudi embassy attestation you have to do state government attestation then send your certificates to any standard agencies. The actual delay for saudi embassy attestation due to REVERIFICATION PROCESS. That means After MEA ATTESTATION they forward your certificates to saudi consulate. From saudi consulate they will send copy of your degree to your concern university for REVERIFY YOUR DEGREE AND ALSO GENUINESS OF YOUR DEGREE. How far your UNIVERSITY reply is the MAIN THING? Actually some of the universities were taking too much time for this process. If you want to avoid  this delay you have to contact your agency and ask them get details about REVERIFICATION reference no, DD NO, SPEED POST NUMBER. Once if you got all the things by some way (so many way possible) you have to approach your university, certificate verification department and told them to do this job as soon as possible. After they send back to saudi consulate surely it will take 2 to 3 weeks for Saudi consulate and Saudi embassy attestaion.

I dont know you are in which situation now?

If you want further details please mail me freely to selvarajvenu1986[at]gmail.com



Dear SIr,
            I am interested work in KSA. Can u explain the process of getting visa & work permit in saudi arabia.
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Karthick kumar


I have received an offer from a Saudi company & I am currently being advised by the VISA processing firm to get the HRD attestation.

I have completed my B.Tech from VIT, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Can anyone help me with any agency or contact who can expedite the HRD verification process?

Really appreciate your help.


it take how many days for Anna university chennai

Dear sir,
in ur previous answer it is mentioned that to knock the backdoor. what it means excatly?

Can u please Tell me any agency phone no  For Tamilnadu Govt Attestation back door process

Can you please share the quick route to my ID ramsonline[at]gmail.com. It would be great if you can share your inputs.

allinall29 :
kshabu26 :

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply. I need another clarification from your end.

While submitting my degree certificate for attestation to Saudi embassy, the embassy is asking for a supporting document called Wakala copy. Can u explain what is a wakala? I have original offer letter, invitation letter, visa slip and also the visa No.


I dont know you are approaching through agent or you are directly submitting those. Im also from south India. Now im processing my Saudi Visa. May be mail box your ID. So i can share more information about the documents you need to submit etc. It may be useful for you.

Even to get HRD attestation in TamilNadu (MKU university) usually it will take 30 to 60 days or even more. But i finished HRD within 3 days. If you knock back door everything works faster.

Can you please let me know the faster route which you have mentioned. It will be really helpful.

i am also have Saudi offer but i am waiting for embassy attestation more than two months..did you got ur attestation? How long it will takes?
thank you

i have been selected for a job in saudi. initially i have done my hrd attestation for degree certificates.. how to get the saudi attestation and what are the procedures .. how long it takes for saudi attestation? what is the easy way for getting saudi attestaion quickly?

mohan2kumar :

i have been selected for a job in saudi. initially i have done my hrd attestation for degree certificates.. how to get the saudi attestation and what are the procedures .. how long it takes for saudi attestation? what is the easy way for getting saudi attestaion quickly?

There is no quick or easy way. The application has to go through due process and cannot be speeded up. All submitted documentation has to be verified before a decision is made.

plz help me....!!
hi i'm Antony i got placed in jeddah,saudi as a system admin,I attended the client interview on march 17,2014.
and i got the offer letter through mail via the agency on 29 march 2014.after that i took the medical ,and hrd attestation and handed my original passport, medical report,and my degree certificate(no mark list ,no provisional certificate) on 07 may 2014 for MEA and saudi attetation,how long usally do we have to wait for the visa stamping ?

And when i contacted my agent they are telling me that the embassy had sent it for verification to the University .
so when i did my hrd they once send to the university .and it took a lot of strain for collecting the verified copy .
and again it sent to the university..??

so is it a right procedure  or is there any fault from my agency or me??

usually how long will take for the complete procedure ??

My name on degree certificate z M.A.Baig& on passport it z eloborated as Mohamed Afroze baig as initials are not allowed on passport.i wanna know do I get any problem with saudi attestation? my hrd & MEA are alredy done.i got selected for ministry job.plz mail me da reply to drbai82[at]gmail.com.plz help me brothers


I have submitted my degree certificate to an agent for HRD attestation 3 days back. He told that it will take 10 days for this. After HRD attestation how many days it will take for Saudi embassy attestation and for getting saudi work visa?


HRD attestation.
it is 1 day process,
all you need take a DD of RS 500 and go to secretariat old gate near lumbini park. if you are in Que at 6 am you can do notary opposite to that office and you get ticket at 10 am and 11 am gate opens ... if you go and submit all original documents. again at 5 pm they open gates you can collect.

once it finished you need to send it saudi embassy trusted agent. they charge around 3.5k to 5k for verification of certificate from university. it takes around 10-15 days( depends on postage speed and university registrar response speed).

once this too  if trusted agent submit all original along verified letter in 1 day you get stamped your visa.. since that day with in 90 days you need to arrive saudi.

if you need any more information catch me on***

good luck

Thanks jobsree. Now I submitted my attested degree certificate along with self attested affidavit to my agent in Mumbai around one week back. He is telling he will submit documents online to Saudi embassy in delhi. Then he told me he will inform when the degree certificate reaches to University.  Here i have one question, Who will send degree certificate to university? Embassy OR agent?

One more question is regarding medical test. I came to know that for medical to test i need to have VISA number and MOFA? I think these needs to be produced by agent only. What is the process to get VISA number and MOFA for agent. My agent told me that "after 10 days i will let you know about medical test date". How much time agent requires to get VISA number and MOFA?

Thanks in advance.


i am an Indian got selected for Riyadh metro project,
Awaiting for Formal offer letter,  please advise that In this mean i can able to apply for Certificate attestation or not??

Kindly anyone help in this regard

Salam Everybody i am having a query,will be very obliged if some body answers what is the time taken for saudi employment visa stamping if all the documents are correct and another query is my offer letter is of Maintenance engg with no specific profession like Electrical or Mech but my degree which is of electronics and Instru engg is attested from saudi embassy and offer letter is also attested from MOFA and COC  will this be any problem to me since i have read in one post on internet about this problem from a good man whose visa was of project engg and his offer letter was also of project engg than the consulate in mumbai suggested him to ask his company to get an offer letter with his specific profession typed on it like elec or mech engg  and recently i have submitted my visa for stamping in mumbai consulate through an agent in Bombay and as per my knowledge i think it takes only one day for stamping of visa but when i called them after one day also after checking through my MOFA no on some site called enjazit.com.sa they were saying that it seems still the visa had not been stamped on ur passport sir because going by the count we can see the no of visas still the same.so can anybody please tell me how to solve this problem god forbid if it happens to me . Or is it because it is Ramadan people are slow in stamping and updating or may be they had stamped the visa but not updated it do anybody of u have the same problem ,

Hi I'm Anthony. I'm a mechanical engineer recruited for SABIC in Jubail. I have finished my degree attestation. Took around 3 months. Yes the employment letter requires the Stamp of MOFA and Saudi chamber of commerce. This letter is provided by your recruiting agency. I had given my papers for visa stamping, but since the e wakala was not present the Visa couldn't be stamped. My consultant produced a paper wakala which the consulate rejected.
I have three questions

How long does it take for sabic to send e wakala to the consultant?
Does the visa no provided to you have an expiry?
Since I already have a paper wakala is it easier to generate an e wakala?

Thanks a lot. Waiting for a prompt answer

Guys would be leaving for Saudi soon please will you guide me in processes need to be done before leaving for ex.Stamping on doc etc and all.Thank you for help Email id-***

what help do u need in terms of what .

In terms of Various Stages involved like some said 1st you need to get your Graduation Certificate attested by Your Universit than HRD and all.Please tell me systematically various stages involved in it being an Indian. Thank You  :)

Can u please answer me some questions like what is ur profession ,what is ur visa type and to which university which u belong with the passing year and also had u completed ur HRD ,GAD process from ur state .


Hi have Done Engginering from Pune University(2011)+MBA from ICFAI University Hyderabad(2014) and would be working as a Business Development Executive there in Saudi,I need to start all procedure like HRD and all but dont have any idea about how to go for it.It would be great if you can explain me in Lay man terms about different stages involved like whats GAD and all.??


Congrats for your new assignment. As far as documentation part is concern, you need to get attest your degree certificate from univercity 1st. IN your case, Engineering degree from univercity. Post that the same need to notarized and do HRD attestation from Mantralaya Mumbai. Its nothing but authentication of our degree certificate. This is compulsory if we want to come for family visa.---  Univercity degree attestation will tae around 7 to 15days. HRD attestation from Mantralaya -- Monday/Tuesday submission and you wil get attestation certificate by thrusday/ friday.
ICFAI degree wont be accept by Saudi embassy since its distance education if am not wrong.

Hope above info will help you to clear your concern.


Hi Arvind,
Thank You very much for ur help.While visiting our University what should we say to them as in just need to do Attestation would be enough?And we need to attest Degree Certificate nly or even Final Years Marksheet?And my brother got loc -Qatar so for him out of three stages mentioned by you which stage he need to do?

My name is Joji Sebastian. I had got a job in riyadh. They will send visa soon. Before that certificate attestation is required.right? I had already done HRD and MEA attestation. Now saudi embassy attestation and saudi culture atache attestation is there? How much time it will take to complete attestation process? Also for visa stamping what are all the procedures? Is it better to to embassy and submit directly or submitting through some agency? Which is less time consuming process? Could anyone help me on this matter?

My e-mail id:- ***

Thanks & Regards,

Joji Sebastian

dear all friends,

i am nitin an indian and got a job offer from saudi retail company.

for visa process HRD attestation is done and all documnts is handed over to visa agent(incliding original degree certificate  and passport).

its been 15 days attestation from sadui embessy still pending and agent has no answer and he is charging 15000 for his service.

if somebody can tell me how days standrad time for saudi visa after HRD attestation done and whts the avarage agent fee.

Many thanks,


    Myself Jawahar form Tamilnadu, India. I got an offer from Mining company in Riyadh on March 2014 and susquently i completed hrd and medical and submitted the same to my agent. on 7 may 2014 my visa application has been done and i can see that my visa has been issued on the enjaz site.
    Now final problem is that my agent says visa has been stamped but my degree has to be verfied by the embassy through a third party to release my passport. As u can see that it has been 3 months now since i have been issued with visa but degree verfication is due.The agent doesnt have any reference for enquiring in the university.
    Please clarify me whether it is possible to stamp visa without degree verification and how long the embassy will take to verify it.



I got a job offer letter from Saudia (just on company's letterhead without chamber of commerce stamp) 3 months back. Since then whenever i ask the company about the progress, they tell me that they have applied for visa and waiting to get it. How much time should i expect to get it? And what further procedure should i expect?

Also, the company never asked for the scanned copy of my passport.. Is it possible for the company to get my visa from KSA without my scanned passport copy? They just have my Name and Passport number as mentioned on my CV

Hi guys I have given my certificates for saudi attestation to an agent in delhi 2 months back , and my university is JNTU-hyd.

The problem is , when I asked my agent about my attestation status , he said it is still in university under verification process and asked me to go to JNTU for pushing up d process,

But when I went to the university no one is ready to give a reply, and saying the status is not disclosed to the student but will b given to the agent itself.        So plz can any one help me out to get my status from the university.

plz , if any one can help me out u can atleast mail on my email id is-  mohdzeeshannaveed[at]gmail.com

waiting for ur reply guys.


I have been told that the employer would handle your degree attestation after processing the initial visa and they would assign an agent who'd do all the formalities. How possible is that ?

Also, should i do the verification beforehand from the Uni (VTU, Belgaum) or the Saudi Embassy will send it for verification anyway as per their procedures ?

Thanks a lot.


If an agent is working your case then generally they take care of everything.. Sending your degree for attestation... Submitting documents and passport for final stamp

Thanks for your reply.
How do i know which agent is going to suit my situation. Am so confused whom to go to. Could you possibly suggest any agents you know?


My Degree certificate verification by the embassy thru university is over & now agent saying, he submitted the docs for cultural attestation. May I know how long this take ? & What verification the cultural does..? will they again verfiy the docs.

Request info...please


TSS Pani

Embassy and culture attestation will take 3 weeks of time.

Hi can u tell what is your university and to which travels you have given your docs for attestation, as less than a month time seems to be very good...
One week back i have initiated my Saudi embassy attestation process and i just wanted to know how long it takes..

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