Time taken for attestation and processing of saudi work visa

Hi Arun,

I am also in same boat...yes i also submitted my certificates to agent...waiting for cultural attache verification.

Please give your email id and contact number....



I am also living in Bangalore...give your contact number or email id... plan to move to Dhahran...


Hi I have got selected in a company in saudi. I have got offer letter, wakala from the company. Since my hrd attestation have took 1 month time, I was shocked to hear that saudi embassy will take 4 months time. Is there any way to move soon. Shall i intimate to the recruiter regarding this.

Hello everyone, its good to read queries and replies. I am a physiotherapist with master's degree, from hyderabad. i was selected for KAMC, Makkah, interview was held in april 2014 and i got offer letter in may 2014, since then i had submitted my attested degree and other documents like experience and registration etc, i was told to pass prometric exam and get dataflow of my educational documents, everything was done and submitted by august, since then i was made to wait wait till november when i was told by consultancy agent that saudi cultural everything is over, waiting for visa, after 3-4 months i was told visa has been approved, and i had to send my passport for stamping along with latest experience letter for saudi cultural, after one month i was told to give medical which i did without mofa number and got fit, agent said he will take the report himself after getting MOFA number, its been more than 3 weeks now, when i called him he said there is a problem with site, didnt get mofa wait for one more week. does it take so long to get mofa number? what can be the problem with it? i read everywhere that usually MOFA is given in only 1-2 day time. please help. thank you.

recently I got an update that I got mofa number and visa got stamped. it happened in just 4 days. its been only 5 days since my mofa was not updated online.

Hi good day,
I was working in a well-known company here in Al Khobar Ksa, and i got hired by another company also here in al khobar. I signed a job offer and resigned in my current job.

I go back to Philippines for processing. And finished all requirements like medical and government documents needed.

All of a sudden the Hr officer who hired me in ksa called me saying that they cannot continue on my recruitment.

I gave up my career in my previous company for them. What can i do in this kind of situation? Is there any legal way to pursue my rights? Thanks

My visa stamped three days before for soudi arabia on labour electrician categery but I have little bit eye problem on pasport . . .is there any problem will face in airports.?

madarkife :

My visa stamped three days before for soudi arabia on labour electrician categery but I have little bit eye problem on pasport . . .is there any problem will face in airports.?

It normally takes few months now a days for getting saudi embassy attestation on your degree.
you should get a medical done only after your degree is attested.

seek help of a good agency.

How much time will be taken by certificate verification by jntu plz reply soon...

Dear sir

I selected for electrical technician in saudi arabia  for reputed company .last week only I got a confirmation from the consultancy and i submitted the scan copy of all documents to the consultancy..but offer letter is not yet released.
Can any one suggest what are the process to be taken and how much time is required to get the visa and tickets .
Whether It is good for working in saudi for electrical technician.
Awaiting for your reply

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I have done medical next procedure

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i am going to change my profession but company told me to attest your degree from MOFA KSA and translated into Arabic. my question is that should i translated to Arabic before attested from MOFA KSA or after attestation of MOFA ????

irfanshah03 :

i am going to change my profession but company told me to attest your degree from MOFA KSA and translated into Arabic. my question is that should i translated to Arabic before attested from MOFA KSA or after attestation of MOFA ????

Better to translate your degree First.
if your degree is attested by Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy in Pakistan then MOFA KSA will attest.

yes brother my degree is already attested by Saudi Culture and Saudi embassy as well, just wanted to know that MOFA KSA will attest if i present my degree to them without Arabic Translation ??

Is ticket planning/booking for KSA done done after visa endorsement
Is the tickets given aliongwith visa to consulate for endorsement?

Plz clarify if anybody has knowledge about it?

You will get air tickets after visa is stamped .

How many days are required for visa endorsement in Mumbai?
What are the timings of submission of visa in Mumbai consulate & what are the timings for getting it back? reply

How many days are required for saudi  work visa endorsement in mumbai?????


Procedure for Attestation of Documents from India for Saudi Arabia
  For first time to Work in KSA
    1) Original Degree Certificate (Photocopies are not acceptable)
    2) Original Marks Sheet.
    3) Passport
    4) Visa Copy
    5) Original Employment Certificate with Salary details or Contract from KSA, in Arabic or English, on company letter head, attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce (CoC), and Saudi Foreign Ministry (MoFA), not more than six months old.

The Degree needs to be attested from the following institution;

1. Indian Government
    1.1 The College/University who issue the Degree
    1.2 Higher Education Department (HRD/GAD)
    1.3 Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
2. Saudi Embassy
    2.1 Ministry of Saudi Culture
    2.2 Saudi Embassy

Usual time limit now is from 1 to 3 months and more depends on how fast the University replies to re-verify the certificates & bureaucracy issues.


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Dear All;

After HRD attestation I gave my certificate to an authorized agent mention in the list of SACA. He took 20 days to send the certificate to Mumbai university for re verification . Now anyone can help me with how much duration does mumbai university take for reverification ? Is there any person who can do it quickly for some amount? Whom to contact in mumbai university for quick process?

After reverification is done. How much duration does the saudi embassy take for attestation?

Plead help me I am in middle of the process.

Thanks in advance. My email id ***

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Hey guys,

I gave my degree for saudi attestation to an agent in hyderabad 4 months back. He is not a registered one but he is taking the help of a registered agency to do the work. Now after the attestation work. How do we make sure the attestation is 100% genuine. . He did not disclosed me which registered agent help he is taking and he did not shared any other reference numbers from SACA or embassy.

I just want to make sure he has not used fake rubber stamps

Awaiting for your replies.please.

can any one tell me how much time it will take for a company in KSA to  get visa for the candidate selected. I am waiting since 3 months.

Dear All,

How much time it will take for Saudi Cultural Attache ?.
How much time it will take for JNTU Hyderabad to reply?

Dear Arshad,

Can you share me your contact details  i wanted to speak with on Cultural Attache my id***

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Have you received attested certificate. pls exlain the details.I'm also waiting for the same.


hello guys,

i recently got a offer letter from a company in dammam, saudi arabia.
they introduced me to an agency in mumbai, it's been a month and the keep saying 2-3 more days, its been a month. is this normal?
and about the visa process the company says technician visa is the easiest and fastest way. once we go there we can get the engineering saudi attestation done and eventually get the Engineer visa.
Pleese Advise,

P.S- staying at home without work is Embarrassing :(


Its right that engineer visa may take time to process because of the delay in certificate attestation process.Many guys are moving to Saudi with technician visa and later its possible to change to engineer visa.If you can get the engineer visa,it would be better but you can opt for the first option too.Its totally up to you friend.
I'm waiting to get my certificate attested by saudi cultural and embassy. I have an offer from Jubail and they are processing my engineer visa. Don't know how much time it will take to get cleared.


Hey Guys,

I am from JNTU--Hyderabad and i have submitted all the documents to Authorized agent 1 month back,and when i check the agent he saying that its under university verification process.So,any one else also facing the same problem?


Yes, engineering visa has it's pros.
Anyway, i was wondering.. Are you in contact with your employer? Or is it just you and the agent?
And jubail is a beutiful city. Good luck.



Is it HR attestation ?
If so it usually takes time.
if possible you could go to your university and push up things.
Good luck.



Thank you!

I'm in contact with employer.They have given all the required documents for attestation and visa process.I have selected one agent and they are processing it.



Thanks for your time to reply,Don't know what is HR attestation,But I have given my Document for Saudi Cultural attache.I  cannot push from university as i have give all the authorized agent.

Yes it will be delayed during attestation.
Your degree attestation depends on your university verification, if it verified your degree quickly then attestsion process will be done in 15 working days.

I also applied for attestaion on 8th july 2015 and i received my degree on 29th july 2015 because of my JNTUniversity verification was done quickly.
Also i gave my degree to an agent in Delhi.
Trehan Consultant, he is genuine and u can trust him.

His Email Id is nt[at]tcplmail.com
His name is Naveen Trehan.

You contact him, you will get good help.


     I have submitted my certificate for attestation and the university attestation is complete. The application is submitted now for cultural attestation. Visa number is also mentioned in the offer letter. The agency is now asking to submit the electronic copy of visa. Is it mandatory to submit the Visa copy for degree attestation?

Thank you.

to bring my family what i have to do and after bringing my family what process i have to follow, please elaborate if you feel that it really helps me and others

Hi, I'm moving to Khobar in a few weeks (trying to get documents attested and Visa's sorted), just wondering can anyone give me any general info on the city..

anything would be helpful.



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