Saudi Driving licence, International Driving Permit (IDP)

Hi Guys

I am the proud owner of a Saudi Driving licence, and have been for a while. I will be travelling to the UK & Bulgaria in a couple of weeks and part of the Car Hire requirements is if a non Roman alphabet is used on the licence then a IDP is required, for translation.

Does anyone know where you can get one from here in Riyadh? The IDP can only be obtained in the country the licence is issued from.

It's not desperate as I still have my UK licence to fall back on, just wanted to protect that one from any potential points or fines if I can. :lol:



The most convenient way is to get it from travel agencies Martin. Al-Tayyar used to issue IDLs and I'm sure Emirates Holidays does offer this service.

Also there are US based agencies which you can google.

Thanks I will give Al-Tayyar a go I have a branch near me!

Thanks once again.


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