Anyone take a bus to Makkah or Madina from Riyadh?


I am curious about taking a bus to Makkah or Madina from Riyadh with my parents sometime in May. Can anyone please provide me with any bus companies (names and contact info)? Also, if you know costs to these places that would be awesome!

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this is saptco the largest , reliable and most used bus company in Saudi Arabia . Any how it is so cheap and their trips are around the clock , their drivers are insured and trained ,so its safe to travel with them.

the prices are low , but if you are looking for a fast way to travel and cheaper than airplanes and faster than busses , you should do the following,

*Head to the bus station of saptco(you will get the address from the site  )

*When you plan to travel this go by a taxi !!! avoid parking over there.

*When you get their , as soon as you arrive at the gates of the station , you wll notice some men standing outside the station ( they might be shouting names of nearby cities) just go around and call out the name of the city you wish to head to.  They will point out the car that is going there.

Have a clear agreement with over the price and destination .

* It is important to know that it's per passenger and if you are ok with it you will ride with people you and the driver don;t know.

If you are not ok with you can ask the driver to get the car completely for you and your family.

* All way to your distance you should not pay for gas or food or any kind of  things. Their are talkative , only if you know how to communicate ! if not he will use his phone mostly.

* usually it is 50- 100 Riyals per person from one city to another. When you are reaching multiple cities they will drop you at the "Bus Station " of the next city

For Example You are traveling from Riyadh to jeddah ( you will go across medina ) he will drop you at medina  and you will have to go with another driver to jeddah.

* some drivers will go on to your last station .

* if you are having any doubt please get back to me .

There is always planes cars and busses , choose your way

You started your journey with Saptco and reached the destination in a cab? With complete tosh in-between.

Yes, SAPTCO provides the most organized & safest bus service. Look for no other alternatives. Their huge station is in Riyadh is in Azizia area. And ALL cab drivers know that. They run buses round the clock. The only problem is that the 12 hrs+ journey is tedious. I'm not sure about current rates but they are economical.



It is not a cab it is an ordinary car with less to pay and faster to get and to get around.

They are available  around the clock 24/7 . They are located at the bus stations , although they are not related.

I just wanna help out . Sometime i miss flights and need to get there ASP. So there you go

Here are three ways to go to Makkah or Madina from Riyadh:

Fastest but expensive

Cheap but dangerous

Cheapest but slow

But the advantage of using bus is, you will also get accommodation there (that's what I have heard)

There is another way and i.e. to go by bus and come by plane. You see it's not going that's tedious but coming back is. If you are working then you will leave on Wednesday and come back on Friday somewhere around 3am to 4am and then you have go to work in the morning.
So go by bus, stay in accommodation, then fly back using NAS air on Friday (fare from Jeddah to Riyadh is 170 if you book a little early)


It looks cool but with a comparison of estimated prices will be  more understandable.;)

NAS Air plane ticket two way SAR340.
Taxi from Jeddah airport to Mecca I guess is 100SAR!?
Taxi from Mecca to Jeddah airport is again 100SAR.
Add 10SAR for hair cutting.
So total becomes around 550SAR excluding taxi that you will take to Riyad King Khalid airport and back.

No idea about direct taxi from Riyad to Mecca but I guess it is 150SAR one way.

Bus from Riyad to Mecca takes around 120SAR two way including hotel stay.


I just share my new traveling Umrah from Riyadh to Mecca by using Saptco Bus.
From Riyadh to Mecca is using Saptco, just by taxi go to and mentioned to
driver "Saptco Aziziah Station" that it cost for taxi around SAR 40 or more depends on
bargain. It takes around 15-20 minutes if not traffic.
When arrived at the station, just inside directly to the desk with Name Saptco
and it cost SAR 130 for one way ticket. The travel time duration will take around
more than 10 hours with 3 times rest, 2 for refresh, eat and pray and 1 Meqaat
(place for assuming ihram if go for Umrah).
My travel time from 14.30 and arrived at 00.30 AM. It will arrived at Al Haram Station
with distance around less that 1 km from Masjed-ul-Haram, that can by walk or taxi.
I prefer by walk. After performed my Umrah, I back used Saptco from Al Haram station.
It cost SAR 130 and arrived at Aziziah Station on next morning and take taxi around
SAR 50 back to home. So far, I am satisfied to use Saptco, caused there is AC, reclining
seat and there is toilet there. As backpacker travel, it is recommended to use Saptco and
as long as we patient for all the experiences, it will be fine and Alhamdulilah, I am done for
my First Umrah..Thanks and Wassalam..

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