Vehicle No. Plate change procedure

Hey guys, Does some 1 have information of Riyadh vehicle No. plate changing procedure. ??  My no. plate is damaged!!

Waiting for your kind rEpLy..... :)

Riyadh vehicle number plate change procedure.....?? I don't know mahn some one else might be knowing..!!!

Dear Friend,

Take your car to the Muroor (Traffic Police) office and make a request to replace the number plate. You will have to make a payment of SAR 100 through SADAD before your apply in favor of reissue of car registration plates.

The officer there would take your isthimara and make request on his system and ask you if your require two plates or one only. He would complete the request and you have to fill your license plate number on a form available there in ARABIC the friendly localss there can help. Once done they ask you to visit after one week to collect the plates. No recipts for your application are given.

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PRasanth Philip

Is there any requirement for vehicle fahas before request for replacement of damaged number plates?


how to SADAD please help

@prasanthebenezer  how to SADAD please help me

Hello Abdulaleem,

What do you want to know exactly ?

May I remind you that this is quite an old thread from 2013 - 2018 ?