Istimara loss, how to get a replacement?


do you have experience in getting your istimara (vehicle registration card) replaced? please share your experience and steps to follow.

by the way, Moroor office for e-services on Khurais Road has moved somewhere else.

It has moved to Alnaserieah.
you can go to any branch and issue new one after paying the fees by ATM


thanks for heads up.

do i have to pay for replacement via Absher?  I couldnt find such service on Absher.
Or do you mean pay via SADAD?

if you lost your old one? if yes will pay via sadad
if what you are asking for is new one after the transfer of car owenership you will not pay just go by your id

Yes, I lost it. I need a re-issue.
I can not find this service request on Absher. It seems like it doesnt exist there,

It's better to go and ask them. because long time since i did this. you could deposit the fee as balance

Here is a guide for those who lost istimara:

1. Pay 100 SAR through ATM or MOI website (Absher) for re-issue of vehicle registration card.
2. Go to Traffic Police office (I went to Malaz).
3. Tell them that you lost card (they thought I lost my car first, so make sure they understood it's a card, not car) and also tell them that you paid 100 SAR.
4. They will issue the card in 3 minutes. Khalas.

Hi,  i am in the process of transferring the ownership of my vehicle from alyusr to my name.  And unfortunately my original istimara is lost. 

DO you have any idea if I need to get a replacement card prior to ownership transfer?

Your inputs will be highly appreciated.



how i get istamara card for company car tamm already my name

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