Long Term Parking at KKIA

Hi everyone,

I will be leaving the country for 8 days and wish to park my car at King Khaled airport. Does anyone know how much it costs and is it secure?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

For as for as I know there is no long-term parking at KKIA. Three weeks ago we needed to go and our driver didn't show up so we went with our own car. Looked for long term parking but didn't find it. We had to park in the normal parking which costs you 3 Riyal for every hour. Since we parked for 2 weeks we had to pay 1000 Riyal... Fortunately for us my husbands company will pay because the driver worked for them. But I would not park there again if not necessary. If I were you I would find someone to drive you to the airport. As far as security, we didn't experience any problems there, car was there perfectly after two weeks.

Wow, thanks a lot for your post Berte, that's very useful information to know. So it looks like it would be better to take our private taxi then!

or ask a friend to take you and pick  you up from the airport! :)
I  don't  know why there is an increase in price. :(
no changes in the parking at all.lol

Normally, we would share lifts with friends. But this time we are leaving at 4am and coming back at 3am, so the timing is not so good unfortunately!

so 2 * 24 * 10 = 480SAR  for 10 days

NOT worth it

In similar situation, I would park my car in the middle of at Tahliah street (Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz st.), there are always cars there and literally TONS of police patrols all day and night.

i can drop you  :)

Here is how i calculate it: 1 hour = 3 Riyals. Normal taxi ride to and back from the airport can total up to 150 Riyals
so any parking more than 50 hours (150/3Riyals) inclines me to go for the taxi option as it will be more expensive. 50 hours are about two days.

So, taxi is better in your case. Now comes the problem of finding a taxi. Use "Easy Taxi" app. it is a brilliant app that will grab you a taxi anywhere any time in Riyadh.The wage is almost the same for those taxis.

For the parking, you can ark the car in front of your residential. Afraid to leave it un-monitored? Get a deal with the worker/Haris/Doorman at your residential or the ones nearby to monitor your car for you. You can pay him around 100Riyals and he will be more than happy to send you a whatsapp photo of the car everyday while you are out.