Driving License requirements in KSA if one owns Bahraini License

My friend came to KSA from Bahrain, he had a Bahraini residence permit and driving license is valid.
What are procedure to obtain Driving License in KSA? Are there any relaxations? Or may he use the Bahraini License here?


They will convert his Bahraini license to Saudi if he has an Iqama.  But they will take the Bahraini license.

I drive on a Bahraini license but then again, my car number plate is also from Bahrain.

Thanks for the reply, conversion policy is still there as recently asked from one of the guys working in Driving school he said must go through the normal procedure.

@XTang I have baharini license and my car has baharini number plate and am planning to stay for longer (6 months) in KSA having a visa here.

Do I need ever need to transfer the vehicle or change the license to Saudi?

You need to exit the vehicle once every 3 months otherwise you will get fined.



Can i drive my friend's Saudi Car (Saudi Number Plate) in Saudi Arabia with Bahrain Driving Licence.

Check insurance first.  Does he have an additional driver added to it?  and what are the clauses i.e. all drivers must have Saudi license or not?

@XTang Can I drive Saudi Number Plate Vehicle on Bahrain License..? if I hav Saudi Iqama also.

Ideally not, as an expat.  If  you have an Iqama then you should get a Saudi driving license.  Now, it doesn't really matter with a Bahraini car as for one, the police never really stop it and second, even if they do, you can link the car and license together without diving into the Iqama aspect.  But if you are stopped in a Saudi car, driving on a Bahrain license, depending on the mood of the cop, he can create problems for you.

I have valid Bahrain DL and a valid KSA iqama and how to get a KSA DL

You can convert bahrain license but they will take it away when they give you the KSA license.

@XTang are you sure  i can convert my bahraini license to saudi license whats the requirements thankyou

Yes.  Requirements you can check from the driving school.