Renew old license to my new iqama id

Good day everyone ....
i just want to ask if what is basic procedure for renewing a valid saudi license but my license took my previous company? My license expires on 2020.

Do i have to take again for medical test?

I dont have the original copy of my license  but i have a photo from my cellphone

You change your visa or transfer to other company ?

It is already change my visa and i have already my new iqama

the license is on Previous Iqama or Current Iqama ?
( If it is on Previous iqama Then take your original licence with New iqama and a fees of 100SR pay in bank for transfer license from old to new OR if license is expire a fees of 200SR is for 5years and 400SR for 10 years.)

you must have medical certificate for driving license for renew or issue new driving license

Hi can any-one can help about my License.
My license is in  previous iquama but not expired. I would to replace in my new iquama.  What I will do or needed

I had the same thing. License still valid but new employer and Iqama. Took my old license to the driving school and they looked at it shrugged and made me go through the whole process of getting a new license and test.

Sir can you tell me complete procedure which you followed please I have the same thing and I wand to transfer my licence on new iqama please guide me.thanks

Then How you take new Iqama? Because I have valid Driving License with my old company Iqama.But now I came in new company.So I want to change my Driving Licence to my New Iqama.Can you guide me?Thank You

How you change the License in your new Iqama?

Hello all. I am in the same situation. My original old driving license with previous employer valid till 2025. Can you share the procedure how can i get the driving license on my new iqama no. with photocopy of the old license.
Please guide me. Thanks in advance

What I have done in the same situation was to ask my new employer to provide me a letter addressed to muroor stating that I wanted to renew my license under my new sponsor (iqama) & then have it stamped by the chamber of commerce. I had my old license with me so they consider it but I have to undergo the medical test again and then pay the corresponding fee online (choose between 2 years for 80 SAR or 5 years for 200 SAR or 10 years for 400 SAR).

Hope this helps.

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