Please help me to find my father in Germany for almost 6 years

To anyone else, im erica,please help me find my father Edward Pike,i dont know where he is exactly living in Germany,he's an ex-seaman, we'ved lost our communication since year 2006, if he already had a new family,please let us know,no matter what? he still our father,we don't need any financial support, we just want to know if he's in good condition,still alive.

For you whose reading this, if you're living in Germany, i know you have a father, or you're a father, and you know the feeling of incomplete, because the part of your family is nowhere to find, i have some pictures of him took in Germany, please help me locate what he's location thru those pictures..

please, please, me

here's my facebook account name: erica pike-labid,,please help me to those who have good-hearted person

@ ericapike-labid29 why don't you contact Germany embassy in Philippines.

Hello ericapike-labid29.

Welcome to!

You can also try to post an advert in the Looking for section (Missing people) in the Germany classifieds. It may help. :)

Hope you will soon find your father.

Thank you,

hello erica pike-labid,

I feel sorry for that, you must go to  the German police and get consulted by them.:(

Hope you will find your father soon.

Try the phone book:

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