Expat blog gatherings in Brussels

Hi all!

What about meeting the other Brussels Expat.com members in real life? Organizing an Expat.com meet up would be an excellent way to know them! :)

An Expat.com meet up can be a diner gathering, having coffee, a bring and share in a nice place, a cultural or sports activity, etc. There are plenty of possibilities: just imagine a pleasant way to meet new people and old friends from Expat.com.

Feel free to organize Expat.com get-togethers in Brussels: you would meet the other members in a friendly atmosphere and have a good time together!

Of course, we could offer some help to organize your meet up and to inform the community.

So, who’s in? Do not hesitate to start a new thread to suggest an Expat.com gathering in Brussels. ;)



You're a bit behind the times Julien, some of the Brussels forum members have already had several meet-ups and drinks together.


I just accepted a new job in Brussel as an IT Consultant! I'll have moved there by the end of August.

Any chance there would be any kind of Expat meet-ups by then? That'd be great to start my new life by meeting new people!

I just moved to Brussels and I hadly know people here. And moving here in the middle of summer holiday it's not the best thing. Most of the colleagues are out of office.
When is the next meeting?
Have a great evening.

Hi everyone!

I've just opened a new post to see if all together we can arrange a meeting. Check it and post something!


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