Driving License - New

These are what you need to do for driving license;

1.    Prepare these documents with you;
-    Application form, can be downloaded here: http://www.moi.gov.sa/wps/wcm/connect/e … bed7ca8368
Use google translate for helping you filling up the form or ask one of your Saudi friends.
-    Photo copy of the passport
-    Photo copy and original iqama
-    Photo six pieces, iqama size, white background (bring it more, just in case)
-    Letter from company to traffic office.
-    Copy of blood certificate.
-    Copy and original home country driving license.
-    Translation of your home country driving license by certified translator. You can use translator on one of shops at the gate of Dallah Takashusi driving school. Please look only for the certified one. Fee 25 SAR.
-    Put all documents in the green file. This green file can be obtained from photo copy shop at the gate of Dallah. They also can help you filling up the form in Arabic for 10 SAR, and 3 SAR for the file.

2.    Try to show up before 07.00 at Dallah Takhasushi, and strike hall 2. Once they open the hall's door (probably at 7) go inside and search for a seat close to the stamp counter (it is the counter that has eye test equipment). Here you would have all documents stamped.
3.    From hall number 2 you would probably asked to hall 4 for simple driving test (probably just few meters drive forward). Bring all documents with you and wait for your turn.
4.    After driving test, you will be asked to comeback to hall 2, for license check (it is opposite of document check counter). Here they would check your home country driving translation.
5.    Then, after all checked. They would ask you to pay for driving course fee 100 SAR. It is on the left of this counter. If you can finish all of steps above before 09.00, then you would have a chance to be enrolled in 15.00 PM schedule class on that day. If not, then you would probably will be enrolled in 09.00 class next day. You would know once you pay your driving lesson fee, and receive the receipt. This receipt valid for 6 months. It means you can come at any day within 6 months at the scheduled class.
6.    After finishing your 1 hour class at hall 5, then they would ask you to do computer exam test. Here you will be given 20 questions in 30 minutes. You need only 15 questions correct. If you answer 6 questions incorrect, you will be failed. TIPS: use delay question button if you unsure/ do not know the answer.
7.    If you pass computer test, then again they would ask you for another driving test. You will be asked to drive more and less 1 km away.
8.    If you have done all the formalities successfully, they will direct you to hall 1 for your driving license. But, first you need to pay to Saudi's government for your driving license. You can pay your driving license fee before you come to Dallah Takhasushi at ATM/phone banking by using your iqama number.

Hope it will be Helpful for all the newcomers !! Safe Driving.


There is a guide section in EB:
https://www.expat.com/en/guide/middle-e … di-arabia/

This looks kinda similar info. Thanks for the write-up anyways.

Well, serial expat - i might have joggled up my memory on "How i got my KSA Driver's license" :D
It was quite an experience...Basically, first things first :
- I do not know how to drive.
- Of course, i don't have a car.
So, what should i do then? listed my priorities as:
--> learn how to drive
--> buy a car
...I did some attempts to drive a car with a help of a friend...maybe two or three times...which i failed miserably...engine keeps on dying, and i was having problem changing gears...finally, when i feel like i can move the car a bit, i applied for the license (in Al-Suwaidi, Riyadh) - with all the requirements as listed in earlier post. During the initial test, it was just a breeze...but i was a little nervous with all the bystanders watching you drive :) - but the instructor gave me whopping 15 days of school to start with. I joined driving school and took night schedule (6-9pm). For 15 days, i toiled sitting and taking a turn in driving (about 300m distance only!). After completing 15 days of school, I reported for the test (computer and actual driving test with a policeman). I was lucky enough to pass in the computer test, but failed in the actual driving test (honestly, i think my only fault was 'I never looked at the policeman during my test'. Again, i was given 4 days of school. During those time (sweet 4 days) I've been hearing a lot of underground ways to pass that test...since i have witnessed dozen of expat failing the actual test 2-3 times, i just sorted to that way. I still went the usual process, took the test --- only, I paid 600SR to make sure that the policeman will pass me - so I did...i went home happy with my first ever license...and have been driving since for almost 3 years ;)


i am kamran,
i am driving in my country from the last 20 years, i go for the driving liscence office for the first time in jazan, saudi arabia.

20 year old some saudis who had a very bad attitude toward foreigners were taking the test, they took my trial and laugh me on my driving, and told me to take 15 days training,

i pay around 350 rayal and start coming after 1 week, first they took teaching class for signals and traffic rules of about 30 mins after that daily driving for about 5 minutes for which i hav to wait for 2 to 3 hours.

after 15 days one police man , he had a very bad attitude toward foreigners, he failed me 3 times, i was driving ok.

after that they told me to pay for another 5 days, it cost around 220 saudi rayal. i paid the mooney but i didnt go back for the classes, i am suffering too much with out a car, i am with my family.

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please take care before going for the liscence

Good day , I have 1 problem ... I lost my receipt in my driving test and for examination  , I all ready done on translating my license in Arabic , eye test, and also the first drive test , my concerned is I lost  my receipt in my seminars and exam for driving , sir are the dallah will going to considered accept me in siminar and final driving with out that receipt , or is there is any way that I can process to get again my receipt to prove that I already apply it.. Thanks I hope you'll answer me sir, thanks so much

in jizan is ther any driving school.....where was it

Hello my friend. Which school did you attend. I'm also interested in pursuing a valid driving Licence

Hello my friend kindly advice on which school I should go 2.im currently in Riyadh. I'm not 2 good @ driving

Hello my friend. Which school did you attend. I'm also interested in pursuing a valid driving Licence

Go to Dallah driving school takhasusi branch