Volunteer opportunities in Poland

I'll live in Krakow until the end of the year. and I have much free time, so for that I'm looking for l'm for some kind of volunteer work in here. but the problem that all Web pages are in Polish, and no way to understand it. if anyone knows any ORGANISATION ASSOCIATION, let me know,

Welcome to the forum deltasof, you may also post an advert in Krakow classifieds > community section/ volunteers. This may help.;)


My girlfriend will be looking for similiar voluntary work on a part-time basis in the new year and would be happy to offer you advice or information.She is Polish but speaks English.

Thank you very much Richard!!
i'm still looking for voluntary job, if i find something interesting i'll stay here more! maybe till next summer.

i will try to help you...
but you know...look i think you can go to the hospital and ask about any free job, as a volunteer, try to pick up the one, when kids re suffering from the cancer...
you know i think the worst is: when the kids suffer..
or any home when eldery ppl dying..etc
where they re living..its easy..
go to the red cross
social help...
alcoholic centre..

Hi everyone! :-)  I hope somebody can help me.  My dream is to come to Poland!  Its all I ever wanted to do. I am willing to any kind of job, expecially volunteer but there are not much sites that are trustworthy, so al I get when I google is alot of sites but not many info,  if someone can help me, you'll be blessed and this will be much appreciated!


Hello all.my name is David i'm from Georgia and i would like to find some volunteer job in Poland,can give some advice plsease?
Thank you


Hope this could help,

good luck!