How to find a job in Wroclaw
Updated 2018-09-17 13:20

Looking for a job in Wroclaw? Learn more about the city and get some useful job hunting tips in this article.

The largest city in Western Poland, Wroclaw is a known centre for business and academics in the country. Home to a relatively small population of over 620,000 people, the city is popular among expats thanks to its vibrant business environment and friendly atmosphere. Wroclaw is home to several big universities and is an important exchange centre for foreign students. As one of the country's most modern cities, Wroclaw often hosts cultural and sporting events ' thus, giving its residents plenty of leisure options.

Wroclaw economy

Wroclaw is one of the wealthiest cities in Poland. Thanks to its advantageous geographical position close to Germany and the Czech Republic, the city is an important trade centre. It is also home to a large number of banking institutions as well as the largest European Leasing Fund. Favourable business and investment conditions have attracted both local and foreign corporations into the city: IBM, Google, Nokia, Volvo, Whirlpool, and many others have their operations in Wroclaw.

Labour market

As mentioned above, Wroclaw boasts a thriving and rapidly developing business environment. With a large number of local and foreign companies, the city offers no shortage of working opportunities ' primarily, in the areas pertaining to IT, research and development, investment and banking, accounting, production, etc. With that, get ready for some competition. The city offers comfortable living conditions, a varied set of leisure activities, and a modern infrastructure, which attract a large number of expat professionals into the city.

Find a job

Looking for a job in Wroclaw should not be complicated. There are plenty of online resources where you can browse through available offers ' especially, since a lot of them are available in English. Alternatively, get a local newspaper and scan the classifieds, you might want to get a Polish-speaking friend to help you out. Contacting a local recruitment agency can also prove to be helpful. Another option is to get in touch with local or international companies directly, send them copies of your CV and cover letter.

Naturally, a good knowledge of the Polish language would be very helpful in landing the best position. Note that a good command of English will be one of the main requirements for a variety of job offers. IT, engineering, marketing, banking as well as language teaching and tutoring remain some of the most in demand areas of expertise.


Wroclaw is a large city ' but thanks to its well-developed transportation network, all of the city's districts are well-connected and you should have no trouble commuting to your place of work no matter where you choose to settle. Stare Miasto and Srodmiescie are the city's central districts with higher rent prices and a high concentration of office buildings and amenities. If you are looking for the greenest area to call your home, Fabryczna would be a great choice ' this district is also recommended as being the best option for families with children. Krzyki is one of the most popular residential areas considered to have the best combination of all factors and Psie Pole is the often praised as the cleanest of all Wroclaw's districts.

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