Changing Employer in Poland

Hello Everyone,

Posting on behalf of my friend as I do not have proper answer.

Currently she is working with an IT company and having valid Karta Pobytu till Jan 2023 with work rights.

She has doubts regarding the process of changing the employer as she has already signed the contract with first week of June as date of joining and currently waiting for the work permit from the new employer.

In order to resign from the current organisation and serve notice period of 1 month (in May), will it be safe if she resigns by April end? The expected date of work permit to come is 31st May 2021 (shared by recruiter). We read a few people complaining that there is a huge backlog at authorities and it is taking much more time to receive the work permit. Is there any situation that she should be worried about?

Since she is a foreigner and as per work rule in Poland, when any foreign worker decide to quit one organisation he/she he has only 1 month to join next organisation otherwise the person needs to leave the territory. Do you recommend if she should proceed with resigning from the current organisation before receiving work permit?

I can't comment about anything else but I think the backlog depends on the location as it has been quite fast in Krakow due to the pandemic reducing the number of new foreigners settling in. My application took fewer than 3 months to receive a positive decision! I also heard from somewhere that they were clearing the backlog quickly now so they'll be prepared to deal with new applications when travel resumes again.

Yes of course

I'm literally going through this process at the moment.
The key things that I gather are as follows:
* We have 14 working days from the last day of the current work permit approved job finishing, to advise the local Wojewoda in writing that the old work permit is no longer valid and the new work permit has began (I'd have thought that this is something that they should already know).
* We have 30 days from the last day in the job to re apply to the department of foreigners for a new residency card (Even if the current card is still valid, we still need to go through the whole temporary residency application process again).

There is still technically a state of pandemic in place so residency status should be fine regardless but it's best to follow the rules as close as possible to avoid any issues with obtaining the new Karta Pobytu.

Regarding processing times for work permits, it depends on the job and unfortunately the country the applicant is from. I'm also in the IT field from Australia, I had my work permit processed in under 45 days.

Hi Everyone. I signed a contract but haven't started the process yet for the work permit as I still need to send my documents. Can I cancel the contract without an issue and sign with another company?