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I am newbie in this forum. I want to live and work in Poland. Is it easy to get working visa in Poland? If there are any companies hiring non-EU worker, then I am ready to work. Especially in service sectors, hospitality industries, restaurants and factories.

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For eventual job opportunities, I will suggest you, to post an advert on the job section of Poland Classifieds page. I wish you best of luck for your career.


Hello, the company for the one I work, use to recruit foreigners specially with some finance and accounting background but itŽs not essential.

Some works are more related to customer services and languages are more important.

What languages do you speak and what is your educational background and experience?

IŽm sorry I should have not answered in this section... upss...

Hi, Estonio!

Am also a non-EU worker and looking for a possible job in Poland soon.  Am into advertising and marketing.  Have been worked with renowned multinational banks in manila but thinking of moving to Poland sometime soon.

Hope you can assist.  Thanks and regards.

I think you should go to visit this website:

You have the option to translate it into english, you should visit the link Trabajar en Polonia.

There I give you tips to get a job in Poland, I think it is the fastest way and most efficient.

You can leave me any comment if you have more specific doubts and I hope you have the best luck mate!


hey everyone, i'm a recant college graduate looking to teaching English in Poland! i am a native english speaker with a TESOL / TESL / TEFL Certification. any tips on which cities i should looking into and how i would actualy go about getting a teaching job?  also maybe there are other jobs other then teaching i should look into???  i should also note im a non-EU citizen.



Hi Dennis!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the jobs >social, teaching section of Poland classifieds

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(moderated: please post in the classifieds > jobs section. Thank you)

i am live in lodz, i am looking for work can you help me?

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Maybe it would be easier if you gave more details on your profile and experiences.
I would suggest you to post a free detailed advert in Poland classifieds to increase your chances!

Good luck

Hello. I would like to live at Poland few years, my speciality - design. How better to do: to finish education - Master/Bachelor. Or forget about university, and to start searching of job...

i m nt sure abtvisa stuff. but it wud be hard tym here coz no one speak english here:)