Is it feasible to move to Poland as businessman?

I want to relocate to Poland, as a businessman. In fact I don't know about the local market, business opportunities and the consumer trend in Poland. Would u like to guide me that which business would be suitable for me to start with in Poland. On the other hand God forbid if I fail to continue with business, is it possible to get job as electrical engineer in Poland?

Hi daz1, I would like to get your advice regarding starting business in Poland, as I am absolutely alien and totally unaware about the  registration process, type of business suitable and feasible in Poland, last but not the least the procedure to get temporary resident visa  to continue with my business

hi, may I ask what country you are coming from to require a visa? to help you with your questions I need to know what sort of business you intend to start? my wife is Polish and she can advise you via me no problem at all, and for free.
hope to hear from you soon, Dazza.

regarding the electrical engineer job, you would have to look at the wage structure here, and see if it would support your lifestyle, as the wages can be a little low, owning your own business I would say would be a far better idea (just my opinion)

Thanks Daz1, for ur reply, I am in Pakistan and  in fact have been involved in operating a gas station in Pakistan, it was compressed natural gas marketing and selling station, however recent acute gas shortage In Pakistan, has forced the owners to discontinue it. In addition to it I have had some experiences in real estate as well as  operating wholesale business of sanitary and hardware goods. But all such businesses may not work well  in Poland and I therefore think that any one living in Poland or polish citizen is in a better position to guide me in this regard.
I would like to try any good business option with guaranteed revenue in Poland.
Looking forward for your kind advice


May I ask what sort of business u r operating in Poland? As I mentioned earlier I m totally novice as far as polish market is concerned. I would to mention here that the main items exported from Pakistan to foreign countries consists of garments, leather goods, sports goods, surgical items, fruits especially mango and oranges etc.

hi, if you have some savings and some free time, I would do as I did, come over to poland and research (1) the area you would like to live (2) the expertise you have in selling would enable you to view the market while here,
renting is cheap here in most areas, beer and food is also cheap compared to say th UK, I came here with money so for me it was easier to adjust, and I am in the automotive industry , contracting to Bentley , LandRover GM etc, Poland is very diverse in areas and potential to make money, Krakow has the market for tourism food etc, Katowice and Gliwice are industrial , while where I live it is mining that most people do for work, Lublin close by is beautiful and has tourists and many nice businesses , Warsaw will cost more to live in, though will also have lots more opportunites to make money, hope this helps? the easiest bank I have found to open here is bank polski (pko) they only require a copy of your passport while other banks require a polish ID card :-)

Thanx for ur great reply. I think it would help me a lot to start with. However how much money in dollars or pounds is required to start a small business there. In fact one of the immigration consultant informed that that it requires at least  15000 to 19000 U.S. $, as per polish immigration rules to register a new or buy a company in Poland to get temporary resident visa. Well is this amount enough to buy or start a new company or business in Poland?

I hereby attach the link stating detail about obtaining residence permit on the basis of registering a new or buying an existing company in Poland. … e-card.pdf

I would say forget that guide, you will only need enough to come for a long holiday, do not state you want to open a business, the beauracracy will drive you crazy, as we both know doing and saying are two different things, if you come as someone on holiday it will allow you to relax and take time to learn what you could do, if you state from the off you are coming for business they will treat you like a tax incentive, like anywhere in the world, choose what you state before coming,if you are in their minds just coming to make money you get treated like a source of income, if you are in their mind coming to holiday for a long time, they see the income without the need to put harsh guidelines on you, you know the rules :-)
if you need any help with travel accomodation booking dot com has loads of good places to check, if you need longer term accomodation I can provide links to them, anything else you need to know let me know, have a great week


Hi, are you serious to relocate to Poland? I saw you posting and just wanted to say you welcome abroad.

Relocate to Poland is easy and several business opportunity. The country economic are young and you can utilize your expertise as businessman. I see the estimate 15000$ - 19000$ is high in order to register a new company or buy an existing old company in Poland.  I am recently registered my new company and the procedure cost me less than 8000$.

However, open a company is not enough to get a Resident Permit in Poland now.  There are several procedures to follow and you need to prove that you are capable enough doing business in Poland and sufficient earnings per month to maintain your expenses and balance in your bank account. There are specific immigration laws to meet financial situation depending upon the business you intend to start in Poland.

I do not agree you come on holiday and start business. This will be violation of Visa rules and if caught your will be banned to enter in Europe in future.   

As for business tax incentive, I do not see very hard if you are a serious businessman. You pay little tax and gain a lot better life in Poland. By paying tax you establish your right to live in Poland and dream sleep at night.
Once again if you are serious to relocate in Poland and need assistance, you can email me ********************* , I am happy to help.

All the best

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Watchdog consultant:
Hi there it's nice to hear about low cost of registration. By the way how much money is required to start with a new business on small scale in Poland. Secondly which sector is in demand and what are the approximate finances needed in general.
Last but not the least I require your help to complete the application process as a businessman, as I am in Pakistan, where one may find a hell of immigration and relocation but incapable consultant


You will have to remember that the average monthly wage here is less than 1000gbp per month. One in five small businesses fold in the first year and 3 in 5 in the second year.
As an asian person you may find it quite hard outside of the very big two cities as there has never been any large scale I migration into poland.
Outside of the main cities only the younger generation speak English so you will need to learn Polish.

Hi watchdogconsultant: refer to ur post, I already showed my interest to come over to Poland to start a suitable business.
Would u  like to tell me the services u extend in this regard, secondly tell me about the type of the businesses popular and suitable to start with in Poland, finances required for theses businesses etc.


HI Sayedamiralishah1971
i don't know if u are still interested in moving to Poland to start business but if I were you i would start with reading this … ss-poland/