How to find a job in Lodz
Updated 2018-09-17 13:26

Looking to find work in Lodz? Find all the needed information on the citys economy, labour market, and main industries in this article.

Lodz is Poland's third largest city and a former centre of the country's textile industry. Today, it's a developed modern city with plenty to offer to its visitors. It's an attractive location for both international students and foreign professionals thanks to a high concentration of educational establishments and a number of local and international companies. Working and living in Lodz is relatively easy for expatriates and there is a generous variety of a leisure activities to choose from.


A former industrial hub, Lodz used to be called the 'Polish Manchester' due to an abundance of manufacturing facilities. In fact, at one point in time, Lodz was one of the most populous industrial cities in the world. Today, however, the city's industrial past is mostly history apart from a handful of small textile companies, which has beneficially affected the city's environment.

Thanks to its central location and the highways connecting Lodz to other cities in the country, the city has become a choice location for a number of large local and international companies. The city's most thriving industries include logistics, business services, research and development, and others.

Labour market

The city's welcoming business environment and investment-friendly atmosphere have made it an attractive destination for various enterprises. Lodz is home to several big international corporations including Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Gillette, UPS, Samsung, Philips and a number of others. Logistics, business services and technology remain the most sought after areas expertise in the city. Education is another booming sector for employment ' there are a number of big universities and a lot of private training centres in the city.

Find a job

Job hunting in Lodz is no different from that of any big city: there are plenty of opportunities but also quite a lot of competition. The city is rather popular among expats ' especially after the introduction of the PesaDart railway that has reduced the travel time from Lodz to Warsaw to just 70 minutes.

The best way to get acquainted with the job market is to browse through local job websites and evaluate the offers. If you are looking for a specific position, it may be preferable to contact a headhunting agency and have a professional agent look for the most suitable vacancy. If there is a company that you have in mind, there is always the option of getting in touch with their human resources department and sending out your CV and cover letter. A good knowledge of English and at least some Polish will definitely come in handy when searching for work.


Lodz has a developed transportation network, so getting around the city is easy and inexpensive. The main districts include Srodmiesce (Old Town), Baluty, Polesie, Gorna, and Widzew. Old Town is the centre of the city where all the main amenities are concentrated. Polesie is becoming growingly popular as a residential area thanks to new developments, while Gorna is one of the greener areas that may be lacking in modernity. Widzew, on the other hand, is considered to be the best residential district thanks to its balanced combination of what most residents are looking for: amenities, cleanliness, security and communications.

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