Immigrating to Poland from South Africa

Hi All
My husband and I would like to immigrate to Poland from South Africa. Has anyone got any advice on which webpages we can look into to apply for positions that offer relocation packages please. Im an accountant and my husband is a teacher. I would really appreciate advice please.  Thank you and have a great day.

A former South-African permanent resident married to a Pole, I really had a hard time finding my place here as I don't speak the language properly. It is even harder than Russian. A Polish company won't employ a foreigner, unless he has a speciality in demand here, which is rare as the standard of education here is really very very high.
Accounting and teaching English are OK. Positions can be found on the ADECCO, MICHAEL PAGE, MANPOWER etc...sites. Many job descriptions are in English. The national PRACUJ is excellent. Try also PRACA, but it is mostly in Polish and of course LINKEDIN.  Unemployment is very low, so you have a good chance. A degree is a must, however good you are.
No employer will ever help foreigners with settling here.
Contact me privately.

Hello Richard,
Thank you for your reply. I will have a look at what you have mentioned. We are not yet 100% sure on the country. My husband has worked in Russia and we have looked at Poland as its a really beautiful country. We are hoping for a position that will help with relocation costs, but if we are not able, then we can wait a couple of months until we have enough saved. We do have 3 dogs and 2 cats that we want to bring along, so we know there are quite alot of extra costs that go along with this relocation. We have not yet decided on a city, we quite like Krakow. We want something that is good for our pets and lots of nature all around us and everything close by as we will need to use public transport. I have not been able to find someone in Poland to help me with accommodation. We need a place of all our pets and ourselves of course. So yeah at the moment we are at a standstill.  Thanks for your answer.  I really appreciate it.

No Polish company ever offered relocation, I am afraid. Housing is cheap in Poland, but not for local salaries in zlotych. Most people live in flats of modest surface. Your numerous pets won't like it...

Good evening,can anyone assist we,I have an immigration agent offering a Poland work permit,visa, employment and accomodation,are there such agents in Poland or is just a scam

Almost certainly a scam. Especially if it has a cell phone number, not a landline. I came across fake importers with addresses in farms. I contacted them. They did not speak any Polish and could not describe me the area they were supposed to live in...So easy to get a cell phone in any country now.
Very few immigrants to Poland, except for rare specialities in IT or finance. All the unskilled jobs are taken by neighbours who can more or less understand the language. No company will ever help a foreigner to settle here. Ukrainian, Russian or UE workers pay for their trip and accomodation. You need a work visa to get a job here. No informal economy. Undeclared jobs must be very few and the money quite low.
Tell me more about this contact. I will check.

Thanks Nicolas,the agent is from a law firm called Apatris,their website is apatris online
Since you're there plz check for me how authentic this firm is,they promised numerous benefits so I got a bit worried as most countries have different approaches as far as immigration is concerned, thanks a lot

They have several sites, a landline and a physical address in Warsaw. Which means they do exist. It seems they helped a few UBER drivers to lengthen their stay. A lot of complains about them. They take your money first and might help you afterwards. Or not.
The only people who seem to be happy with Apatris are the Russians and the Ukrainians who can come easily to Poland but need lawyers' service if they want to stay for good and work. Don't give them any money in advance. Polish authorities have very strict immigration rules. They even check Schengen zone visitors.

Thanks so much Nicolas I really appreciate,am a bit confused as to what's my next move's going to be though
They need an initial payment and the rest of remaining payments be done gradually as I receive my documents

I know well-informed people in Warsaw and will get their opinion. Don't send any money yet.

Ok great, thank you for the amazing assistance

My partner and I are concidering moving to Poland, I'm a South African citizen and he is Polish. I don't have a degree however I do have my TESOL certificate. Will I be able to get a decent job teaching English in Poland? How difficult would it be to get a Visa? (we are not married at the moment)
Any guidance will be much appreciated.

Visa: Same as for the rest of UE. No special difficulty to get one I think.
TESOL should be OK. But CELTA is more often mentionned in offers. Teachers salaries here are fairly low although there is a very large demand. Many language schools in Warsaw. Too many English bagpackers accept next to nothing, just to pay for their stay.
Good luck!

I have just recently moved to Krakow - Poland, from Hong Kong, and am an English Teacher (TEFL). I am originally from South Africa.

I would definitely recommend doing a TESOL/ TEFL course to get into Poland and opening up opportunities to many more countries - Poland is the fourth country I have relocated to, based on my TEFL and teaching experience.  All countries come with costs to get into the country etc, but it is definitely worth it in the end.  I would really look into English Wizards as a stress-free way to get into Poland, especially their internships. They would also guide you on the best route to get here.

I am really happy with my move here. Good luck.  You are free to contact me via a private message if you need further information.

Hi Everyone. I'm currently in South Africa looking to move to Poland in September. I've been offered a contract as an English preschool teacher. However, the salary seems a bit on the low side. Can anyone tell me ideally what a good salary is for my occupation as well as living costs? Because I'd like to apply for dependent visas for my children but I don't think that will be possible.

Salaries are very low in Poland. But so is the cost of living.


Thank you for advice pertaining migration to POLAND l need your much treasured assistance on how best l can do it.

kinf regards

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