Driver/General hand

Im a hard working man looking for a job and make my employer very good at driving and 8years of experience, with my age i can give the company more with a minimum of wage.

Do you work in Zimbabwe? What country would you like to move to?

Yes i do work in Zimbabwe as a truck driver. I wish to move to any country in UK.

No jobs in Zimbawe mining? They use trucks in open cast operations I visited for work. Having a job in your own country is not easy. I would recommand to keep it.
Many  road transport companies are close to bankrupcy in Europe.  Drivers are idle. Not the best time to try your luck.

Can u please help me get a general job you have in Poland or any country in UK. If u help me get a job and my visa i will pay for your services before i live the country i will wire you the transfer money Sir.

In Europe, there are strict laws regarding jobs for immigrants. You can't just bribe a potential employer to get a visa. Also, we do have efficient controls on low salaries. It is illegal to accept being underpaid and the employer will have to pay big fines if he recruits a person under the minimal wage. If you ever have an accident, he will go to jail. For transport companies, it turns out cheaper to recruit legal Europeans rather than non Schengen citizens. None will take a chance, just to make an additionnal Pound or Euro. Anyway thousands of trucks are presently stalled due to the covid and many European professionnal drivers are unemployed. If the economy picks up again, they will have the priority. I am afraid nobody will take a chance to help you.

Im getting what you are saying Sir, besides driving can i get a Regular job etc transport and logistics warehouses and Construction.

The second part of your description might be more interesting than just truck driving for a recruiter. Contact Zimbawe consulates in Europe.
But then again, our continent is sufferring from unemployment and a lot of good and well trained people have no job.

Even qualified engineers experience difficulties finding good jobs now.

Ok i understand what you are saying... So can i Be helped in finding a job

Here, warehouse basic jobs are taken by ukrainians, even Russians. They pick up the Polish language fairly quickly and enjoy a better quality of life than at home. Many of them are graduates. When they know the language well enough, they are on the market for good positions. I met a charwoman from Ukraine who was a chartered accountant. After about 2 years at less than  5 Euros per hour, she succeeded in catching a proper job. Good people. But they have a tendency to stick together.

@pawelga Yes I  am  a truck  driver  working  in Zimbabwe. I would love to relocate  to Germany ,Poland  or an one of the  European   countries. I am a holder  of a  Class  1 driver's  licence  overs 20 years experience  of driving  trucks.

@pawelga yes l work in Zimbabwe, I wish to go to canada as a truck driver

Hie.. I have worked in Zimbabwe as a superlink truck driver for more than 12 years and I wish to drive anywhere where I can find employment in Europe as a truck dr

@pawelga any European country