which type of job is easy to find ?

can you guide which type of job is easy to find?

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I suggest that there is no such thing as an easy to et job. There are things like visas, work permits which need to be obtained before working there.

Also travel costs along with accommodation and living costs to be addressed in advance before before you get paid.

Sorry to be so negative but that is the reality.

Good Morning !!! That's the reality but after getting work permit also check genuine is also a bit Hassel then comes VFS which is a big dino.

Speaking of Krakow, this is a massive hub of the shared services business sector which is recognized in Europe and worldwide. There are thousands of foreigners employed in this sector in Krakow. Quite often, you may find more than 20 nationalities and languages in one single company. And English is a business language. Therefore, language skills as such are a valuable asset. If you speak decent English plus your mother tongue - you may find decent job offers coming from this sector on a regular basis.