Jobs/ studies in Krakow. Please help

Hey. I want to move to Krakow, does anyone know how it is to get work there. Or maybe as au pair. Some told me that they don't have much au pairs in Poland... or in Krakow,, is this right or is it possible?

Second question: If not job, is there studies in Poland for people coming abroad?

As everywhere, there's opportunities in Poland, it all depends on what you are looking for. As for studies, also yes, you can find lots of good universities and I will recommend Jagellonian in Krakow.
Should you need any further information, let me know; knowing when you are planning to come will be helpful as you may need to look upon accommodation and things like that.
have a nice one.

If you're studying you can come to poland with Erasmus.

I found au pair but in Warsaw.

Thank you both! =) Who is Erasmus?

hope this helps.