Seeking work in or around Krakow

My name is Richard and I am an Englishman who is relocating to Krakow with my Polish girlfriend at the end of July!I am seeking full time employment but my Polish is very limited!I am therefore seeking a teaching post as I have recently attained a TEFL Certificate in London.
I have no prior experience in teaching but need someone to give me a chance to climb the ladder so to speak!
Any replies/advice etc would be most grateful!

Many thanks and Dzien Dobry to you all!!!

The best thing to do in krk is to simply walk or drive around to the individual schools..   the TEFL is a good thing to have but most schools hire off the books anyway and have no interest in being above board because they have to pay the national insurance tax for you...   don't get me wrong there are some places that will hire you above board but most wont.  Krakow is a hard area to live if you don't speak Polish and they are not very foreigner friendly when it comes to looking friendly when it comes to looking for work.

I spent 4 years there before moving to a more english friendly country with my Polish wife...   


Many thanks for the advice,really appeciate!!
I understand its not going to be easy but ive fell in love with the place and im ready for a challenge!
Take care and thanks again


no problem, I wish you the best.

Good luck!

Thanks mate!
Maybe we can keep in touch ill let you know how it goes!

Speak again soon hope.

Sounds good, I am back in Krakow often, we'll hit Omerta on kupa Street for a pint if your interested... I think my next flight back there is in October..


Sounds good to me!
All the best and thanks again!
Ill use this site for communication at the moment until I sort a Polish e-mail address out!lol

Krakow is a great place as a tourist when you have money to spend otherwise it is pretty hard since it is easy to spend money as water in Poland i would advise that when you relocate you watch out for every zloty you need to spend.
You could work at a tourist office, or in an English speaking restaurant or Pub.
You can also offer services to the expat community in Krakow.
Start learning Polish at Prolog school in Krakow, they are excellent.
Do as many things as you can until September-October because the Winter months are dull and things get harder as it is dark at 4 or 5 pm.
All the best,

Hi Caroline,
             Many thanks for your post and for your advice:)
             Always pleasing to here from people with genuine intentions!
             Are you still in Krakow now?Maybe we could meet up sometime,if you like?
             Kind regards,

P.S. Im on Facebook if you would rather communicate that way.
        Richard Wright