Any good advice is more than welcomed!!

Hello everyone,

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm considering a job offer to relocate to Krakow, Poland.
Any good advice is more than welcomed!!


Hi Cristian.
Shoot out any question here or by private question

Hi Christian and welcome to :)

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Priscilla  :cheers:


I'm interested in several things:
1) What is a good salary? My expectations are not just to survive/live, but also to have enough money to travel to some other destinations in Europe from time to time. (I'm a software engineer)

2)What is an average cost of renting a long term apartment (My work will be in the area with post code: 31-746, and i don't know if this is the neighborhood: Al. Gen. Bora Komorowskiego Tadeusza)

3)Another concern is air pollution. I've seen several negative comments and a few pages with indicators that measure high levels of air pollution in Krakow, considered unhealthy ( )

Thanks in advanced!!


1) Good salary would be 7000 gross.

2) You can expect to pay 2000 pln for a nice apartment.

3) Tak!

Hello Cristian :)
Regarding salary I believe 7k PLN gross is very less as per software engineer. Not sure how long experience you have, but if they are going to bring you here from abroad you must be worth it. For 7k you are able to stay and travel a bit, but don't hope for a lot of savings then. I guess you might claim more than 10k easily (remember in Poland we have high income tax).

Dear Jane,
It happend with me to negociate salary with the employer, (exactly how you suggest Christan) in 3 different IT Sector, after 2 or 3 interview and test of perfomance, they never call back. Please can you suggest some company in poland where 10 k PLN is randomly possible with a disent working hours and other facilites.

I've 12 years work exp. Can. communicate fluently 3 european language ecxept English and some other.
Past positions were: Sn. Project Manager..... IT manager..... and so on.
I don't want any employment now Just want to see how much truth we are telling to people regarding the Job
Market here. SeEnglish Language

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your comments.
I agree with you that 7k gross could be low. I have 9+ years of experience working as Team Lead and software architect.
I think that something above 10k PLN (after taxes) could be more suited. I know that salaries in the software industry in poland are a little bit higher than in other polish industries, but I don't know clearly how much higher,
Still I have to wait for the proposal from the company. But it is good to know the market possibilities and also a clear understanding of the costs so I can better asses the proposal.

Thanks a lot!!

If you have a plan to get Net 10K PLN in hand+ your empolyer will bear the other cost, then you must check the proposal from them. Probably you don't get a clear offer, that how much they are gonna to pay on your post. To be fair with you if they ask you that how much is your expectation then any amount you are thinking now, will be higher for them. They know better than any of us, what is there budget. So regarding salary you must get the information concretly from your employer.


Another question.
Regarding renting an appartment. What are the pre-requisites?
1)Is there any amount of money to pay in advanced?
2)what about furnitures? Is it common to rent with or withou?
3) i read that someone that rented had to buy an oven because it was not included. Is this common?



1. You can rent a flat up to 1500 PLN more or less it depends on the source of rental.
2. If you rent directly from the land lord sometime one rent can be the advance. From real estate agent advance could be 2 months rent plus their fees.

3. Most of the time the flats are furnished. Also depends what is your requirements.
4. Regarding MW , if the flat already got one then you won't need a second.

Hope you will organize everything more easier than you are thinking.