Salaries in Krakow

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to get the general feelers out for what kind of pay people are getting as expats as I'll also be in the market for a job soon and have heard some expats make a good amount and other seem to make very little. I have a double degree and 5+ years experience in business

Would be great to get peoples feedback,



The differences are mostly caused because there are basically 2 groups of "expats":

1. "True" expats = Employees who are "sent" to PL by their original, home country employer to PL for an agreed period, mostly to set up/implement operations. They keep their original home country salary and get additional benefits for working abroad (=> higher salary). This group is getting smaller, as most companies are already set up and local employees take these roles over, which is how outsourcing should work obviously.

2. Foreign employees who get hired locally by outsourced branches of large international firms in PL. E.g. to provide support for a foreign language that's rare in PL. They typically get hired on a local contract with local benefits, and typically receive a benefit/bonus for speaking this particular language (=> lower salary).

That's why it's hard to give figures. It depends on your working situation/form of employment, really.

Lemme know if you need more info.


The wages here dont seem to reflect the rates for accommodation, but that being said I guess the economy here isn't particularly strong

PL economy is pretty strong, actually.

Perhaps you refer to the cost of living? That's a different story, and yes, it's not very high here in PL.

The economy is strong? in what field might I ask?

Kindly check this info on Google...You wil find that the PL economy has performed quite well over the recent yrs. Better than most other European countries, actually.

11th on last years GDP, not bad