Pub business in Karcov

Hi, im thinking about taking on a pub in kracov and wondered if anyone had any advice???

Hi and welcome on board irish emigrant!

I hope other members will help you soon ;)


I think it would work but besides only catering for the tourists who come for cheap beer weekends let the poles know that Irish and Polish culture are alike.

hi . tim here from ireland,  good luck in poland. please tell me as to how you are doing there, thank you . tim

Hello Tim

I am not out there as yet, have to make do with two visits a year. Next visit is in 2 weeks for a month so excited. Poland is great. I would stay over there but hard to find work without a good knowledge of Polish and have to work for my sanity. Mine Polish is still very basic as the only way to learn is actually living amongst the Poles. What made you think of Poland as a destination for a pub?


hi debra,
          thank you for replying, to my mail,
I ve been going to poland since the late 90 s. before that id worked in germany and london,
krakow is the best place to live ,theres a nice feeling about the place. hope it works out for you,
dont want to bore you so ill get to the point, there are a few irish pubs in krakow , just off the main, square, all are doing well,was interested to hear as to how you were doing there , as i read your blog. i grew up in a pub in ireland . when you go to krakow, go too the irish arms bar, and the others , theres a basement irish bar also, theres also a bar called the tram, its polished owned,  ok, spend some time in them . note the size ,of the size of the bar , and the amount of staff that takes to serve and clean,also count the seats . stools at the counter , music, it will give you a guide ,, dont tell bar owners or staff wath you intend to do, as they will discourage you.also it would be a good thing , if you worked in a bar , for a while , to get to know the running of it, like deliveries , tapping barrels , ordering .ect, 
i ve got to go now ,  but hope it will work out for you,

Hey Tim

Although i,ve worked in many pubs i have no plans to open and run one. not really my scene. I,m a country gal and cows and chickens more my thing nowadays! I'm more a family socialiser where the vodka flows a plenty ;-)However we do plan to visit Krakow over the New year so may have a look
Near where we are building in Poland the pubs are only busy on weddings lol and in our village the pub is the bus shelter outside the church ;-O

let me know if you open one?