Mobile and Internet connection in Poland
Updated 2018-09-17 11:28

Find, in this article, an overview of the Polish telecommunications market and some tips to help you get connected.

Nowadays, telecommunications are an essential part of everyday life. So when moving to Poland, you will definitely want to obtain a SIM card, a reliable Internet connection, and maybe even a phone line. This should be quite easy as the country has a developed telecommunications system thanks to the presence of several service providers. But in all cases, take your time to enquire on their services and relating rates beforehand.

Land line

While a large number of expats find a mobile connection enough to stay in touch, you may want to have a land line as well if you plan a long stay in the country. The telephony market hosts several competitive service providers. Some of these offer combined packages including a land line, Internet and cable TV. Note that the network covers all of the country while providing high quality communication services.

To subscribe, contact your preferred service provider's customer care department or visit the nearest branch to your place. In general, the following documents will be required:

  • your identity card or passport
  • proof of address
  • your RIB (bank account details)

Technicians will then make necessary checks and installations at your place within a reasonable delay. Your land line will be activated within about two weeks.

Mobile phone

To get connected on-the-go, you can choose between prepaid and postpaid options. Note that with the postpaid plan, you will have to sign a contract for a minimum of one year with the service provider. Prepaid cards do not require a minimum subscription but with that, phone calls with a prepaid SIM card will not be as cheap.

These are the main providers of mobile network in Poland: T-Mobile, Orange Polska, Play, and Plus. Heyah, Simplus, and Sami are also popular options for prepaid connection services. Calls made within the same service provider's network are cheaper, and even free of charge in some cases. On the other hand, calls made from one service provider to another are more expensive. In general, rates vary from one service provider to another.


With the number of Internet service providers growing constantly, there is an abundance of options to choose from. National Internet access providers include Chello, Crowley Data Poland, Netia, and TP Internet. Plus, there are a lot of smaller and local providers offering interesting packages. The scope of services as well as the rates differ from company to company and there are frequent cases of discounts and promotions on packages. Thus, it's always a good idea to do a quick scan of all the options before making your decision.

Subscription formalities are quite simple, just like in the case of the land line. You simply have to visit the nearest branch of your favourite service provider with your identity documents and proof of address. The application form is to be filled on the spot. A team of technicians will then assess your request and proceed with the installation within 15 days following application.

Good to know:

A number of Polish cities host free Wi-fi hotspots where you can easily connect to the Internet. You will also find an abundance of Internet cafes across the country. Connection rates generally amount to 3 new zloty per hour.

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