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Updated 2018-09-17 11:40

Wondering how to keep yourself busy in your free time in Poland? Find all that you need to know about leisure in Poland in this article.

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland has become a popular expat destination over the years. Its huge historical and cultural heritage, including an abundance of museums, monuments, events, etc., are a real delight for locals and foreigners, including tourists. So if you are moving here, whether alone or with your family, you are simply not likely to get bored thanks to a number of leisure activities that are available here from sightseeing outings and shopping sprees to sporting events and outdoor adventures.


Why not start by touring the country? There are 887 cities and towns in Poland waiting to be discovered from the capital Warsaw and urban centres like Krakow, Lodz and Wroclaw to Poland's famous winter capital of Zakopane or the quaint little town of Olsztyn. Poland is home to 15 World Heritage Sites including the city of Krakow, wooden churches in Malopolska dating back to the medieval times, the 16th century town of Zamocz, Malbork Castle (the largest castle in Europe), and more.


Nature is also omnipresent in Poland. In fact, the country is a land of plentiful marshlands, forests, wild rivers, as well as lakes and rivers. The Bialowieza Forest, for one, is considered to be one of the largest woodland areas in Europe. Then, there is Tatra National Park, home to the country's most impressive mountains and the Masurian Lake District, especially popular among campers and hikers in summer ' and so many more.


If you prefer urban forms of entertainment, you won't be disappointed either. There are plenty of dining options to explore in large cities as well as cinema halls, leisure clubs, bowling alleys, arcades, karting rings, and plenty more. Concerts, musical festivals and other events are common occurrences in the country as well.


The Polish enjoy a vibrant nightlife and you will find an abundance of clubs, bars, pubs, and other establishments perfectly suited for a fun night out with friends. Krakow's Old Town is known as one of the most dynamic nightlife spots. Then there are Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot located on the coast of the Baltic Sea that combing a great selection of hang-out spots with the relaxing vibes of a seaside resort.

When it comes to alcohol, beer is the most popular drink among the Polish, followed by vodka and wine. There is also a traditional alcoholic beverage called mead made from fermented honey. Note that drinking in public is frowned upon especially in tourist spots, city centres, parks, etc.


Working out and staying in shape are quite popular in Poland and you will find no shortage of fitness facilities, sports clubs, gyms, stadiums, etc. in the country. Plus, there are plenty of options for exercising outdoors: you fill find parks and open spaces for enjoying a workout in the open air. Moreover, the country's diverse natural landscape makes a great setting for hiking, camping, biking, canoeing and other water sports in the Baltic regions, and more.


Poland is a country with rich cultural and historical heritage and there are plenty of things to learn and places to explore. Warsaw, for instance, houses a large number of theatres where you can watch opera, plays or ballet, is home to the National Philharmonia and hosts the Polish Film Festival. Some of the country's most popular museums include National Museum in Warsaw, Copernicus Science Centre, the Fryderyk Chopin Museum, Neon Museum, and more. You will also find a lot of small private museums which have been designed by passionate owners.

Additionally, the country is home to some of Europe's oldest cities, which are museums in themselves like Kalisz (the oldest town in Poland), ZÅotoryja (famous for gold mining), Biecz (a former important trade city), etc.

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