Travel to Poland

Hello everyone!!!

i wana visit to Poland.I wana know suitable time period for this..for weather

It depends on what kind of weather you like. Some people from Siberia or Norway come here in winter and they say it's warm. Some people from Mexico or Africa come here in summer and they say it's cold.

With weather in Poland, you actually never know! Sometimes during the winter is warmer than in the spring. Sometimes in the summer it's 40 degrees (celsius).

It depends on what kind of weather you like and which suits you best. Usually in winter is snowy and cold. Spring is usually dry and can be very changeable. Autumn is usually windy and wet, it can also be very changeable. Summer is usually warm to hot it can be dry and it can be quite thundery.

I like Polish  weather I currently live in UK, but I come from Argentina and  in Poland when I saw snow for the first time. It was amazing.I spent 5 wonderful days in Torun with my friend and I mention this city very well, especially pierniki:)They are delicious . I liked the most there The Old Town and of course my Kopernik Hotel from  Hotele Wam Group - ( There was great service, nice people and very comfortable rooms.