Which places to visit in GDANSK Poland?

Hi there!

I need some suggestions.. which places are worth visiting in Gdansk in Poland during summer?
as we are planning to visit in June till July 2018! So, we need some scenic spots along with some adventurous activities (as we are not interested in Museums at all)

any valuable suggestions???

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Is Gdansk that bad to visit?  :sosad:


Hello Linzee,

:)  hope someone will reply you soon.

Hi. I'm not living in Gdansk (I was there only on a holiday trip). But I definitely recommend Old Town and port district and if you have some time - visiting Hel peninsula and Slowinski National Park (you can get there by train as I remember).

More attractions you can find on this website: http://www.gdansk.pl/en/for-tourists (it is official city website).

I wish you good stay.

Oh as I see my link has to be reviewed. To get to the city website just type 'Gdansk official site' in google and you will find it.