Free and low-cost leisure activities in Poland


We invite you to share some information regarding leisure activities that are free or low-cost in Poland. This information will give future expats (or even current expats) an idea regarding some of leisure activities that they might not be aware of.

Is there a way to find out about free or low-cost fun activities in Poland, such as a specific app, or a newsletter, or magazine, tourism board, etc.? How do you find out where events are organised?

What are the most common free leisure activities in Poland?
Which free activities do you recommend for children, for teenagers, for adults, and for seniors?

Are there certain days where access to paid activities are offered at a lower price or even for free, such as museum entry, or exhibitions, or a theme park, etc.?

How do you maximise your leisure activities in the most cost-effective manner?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


There are many museums which offer free entrance one day a week , you just need to check which day it is for each museum :) There's a page called waw4free where you can find free current activities in Warsaw. The most common leisure activities here are ice-skating ( in winer of course ), going to clubs, discos, pubs, shopping in the malls, cinema, walking through the city and much more... :)

To second Agnieszka: the basic exhibitions of many of the excellent museums in the centre of Wroclaw are also free.

Actually I am altime busy so I will share my think later. Thank you very much.

I can recommend a site called waw4free. I check it by myself to look for non-expensive events in Warsaw. For tourism activities I can recommend bike rental stations Veturillo. :-)

I am in a mountain area, where there are thousands of free hiking activities.
Izery Mountains are beatiful part of Karkonosze, I just have been here in a mineral and stone mine, which is the oldest! mine in the world, and whole summer it is entry free!!
Karpacz, Swieradow-Zdroj, Szklarska Poreba are really nice historicaly rich little villages with wonderful architechture and healthy water.
If anybody is interested more in this area, I know from close some of nice places to stay or eat out, there are camping as well😁
in tourist officies you can get the program and several maps as well.