Living and travel across poland- where is there Indian community?

Hii every1
This is vikas. I HV kid in Poland,my gf is taking caring of I am an Indian and I am coming to Poland to give him my surname and gonna be there in august and September mid.I wanted to know which places will be nice to visit and I wanna visit places where Indian community lives near future may be seek job and living in poland. Help me with some ideas. Presently I am working in cruise line company of america in fire department.

Hello Vikas. I guess the only really organised Indian community is in warsaw, however in other big cities you will also find Indians, organised celebrations of Indian events, etc. It all depends what exactly you are searching for.

If it's about working in Poland, then you need work permission, and most of the companies prefer to hire someone who don't need it if they get similar candidate, but you can always give a try (or get married here and skip permission part :))