Music rehearsal room

Hey Guys, I'm looking to hear from anybody who has or knows of a music rehearsal room to rent for a couple of days in August. I've got two musician friends coming up from Zielona Góra, one of whom is Polish, the other American, and whilst I have lived in the capital for six years, my knowledge of such places is somewhat non-existent. If anybody can help, my email is: ++++   Thanks for taking the time to read this message. I'm now off to collapse quietly in a corner in an attempt to escape this stifling heat. Best wishes.

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Reason : avoid posting your personal details pls

Hi, I don't want to post any specific addresses to avoid advertisement, so try to use this query: prób wynajem warszawa
You can use contact data from these websites and write emails in English and ask for prices and so on. Good luck!

Hey Holomovement, many thanks, pal.That's really useful, and I appreciate it. All the best, Frank.