How about playing chess in Wroclaw?

Hi, if you speak English and want to play chess for fun or learn how to play chess or polish your skills: tactics, strategy, positional play, openings, endgames etc. - please contact me, I like to play and talk about chess :)

Btw. my level is about 1700 elo but it doesn't matter. If you are a weaker player - I can teach you and if you're stronger you can teach me :) I currently live in Wroclaw.

Hello holomovement :)

To better spread the word, please drop an advert in the appropriate section : Hobbies, Interests in Poland


Hi there,
I am Bijan, a chess tournament player.
interested to know you more and possibly to visit Wroclaw in the near future for chess and fun
you may contact me at:

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