Difference between trc and work permit

Dear all,

I am moving to Poland and work permit is already in progress.
May I know what is the difference between trc and work permit?

Can I apply trc for my husband and 2 sons?

Any advice is much appreciated!  Thank you


I suppose by "trc" you mean temporary residence card"?
The difference is fundamental: residence card legalizes your stay, while work permit simply legalizes work.
If you are a citizen of a non-European Union country then you need both to work and reside.
Your husband can apply for a residence permit too, and for children you can apply if they are below 18 years of age.
If you are currently residing on the basis of visa then you must apply before it expires.
The procedure takes about 3 months.

Thanks very much! This is very helpful!  Appreciate your explanations. :)

No problem. Happy to help.

Would like to continue the question here
1.How long does a normal work permit is valid for ? One year ? Two years ? And similar question for TRC , the validity ?
2.Also appreciate if someone can help with the actual polish names for them like “ Karta Pobyatu”
3.Once we have the Work Permit  how soon we can apply for Residence Card?
4. And most importantly , Suppose if I don't have residence card but only have Work permit for 1 year , can I travel to my home country in between and come  back to Poland and still continue to work or do I need work permit everytime I come to poland


1. Work permit is valid for up to a year or less. Residence card can be valid for up to 3.
2. Work permit: zezwolenie na pracę. Reseidence card: karta pobytu
3. One does not have to affect the other. The answer isn't straightforward. IF you are already in Poland, you can apply for both at the same time. If you are not in Poland then your employer applies for work permit and when you arrive (not connected with your work permit unless consulate requires you to show work permit in order to issue visa) on a visa (or visa-free visit - I don't know where you are form...) you can apply for residence card before your visa expires. So there is no rush usually.
4. There is clearly a misunderstanding here. Work permit is work permit, not a travel document. Travel documents are: passport + visa or residence card. Work permit allows you to work but does not determine your travels.


Thanks a lot Mundis
1. Can work permit issued for more than 1yearbut less than 3 years
2. Thanks for the info
3. I am from India and my employer is obtaining work permit for me,once I get this I am going to consulate for NationalType D visa  not sure about the timeline of work permit so I have question no 1
4. So after moving to Poland and everytime I come to India I need to apply for Visa ( if I don't have residence card) . After procuring residence card I can travel without Visa as well .
Am I correct

Again much thanks for taking your time and replying

No problem.
As I written work permits are for maximum of 1 year. IF you are already in Poland, you could apply for both work permit AND residence card and they would be strictly connected. Then it's for maximum of 3 years. But you have to be in Poland, and you'd have to await 3 or more months without possibility for legal work, or you leave but then to get back - you'll need a visa.
My advice: once you get to Poland, do not leave until you get the residence card.

Hi, I have invested in a local polish company and submitted documents on 18 Dec 2019. The latest update on the Masovian Voivodship website (MUW WSC) says that I can book an appointment for a stamp in the passport and the second point says that: All files along with appeal have been sent to Head of the Foreigners Affairs Department” on 1 Sep 2020. Just before this on 16 Aug 2020, I was asked by my partner that the voivodship has asked for my original marriage certificate. So, what does this all mean? Was my decision negative earlier? Can it again be negative? Is there any possibility of success in my case. I am now furious because it has been over a year. Please suggest or advise.


Hi, my friend got a negative decision because he submitted home contract which was signed by not a landowner of a flat, but someone else who did not had wrights to sign home contract. . Anywho, he was waiting for thees decision more than a year, but hopefully he had found a good firm, consultants are very qualified , and after them took his case it left 2.5 mounth, and he received TRC for 3 years. Thanks Audytowanie/pl. Highly recommended:)

When my viza expired while in poland,can i use TRC to travel in europe?

Do you need both TRC and Work Permit simultaneously?
I will be on official secondment for 4 months while the work permit is in process, but during this time I will apply for the temporary residence card.
As a Brit, I know that I am treated like every other non-EU citizen but does permanent residency of another EU country nudge me along the queue?