Waiting time for my temporary residency card

Hi everyone,
I am an American citizen and I have been living in Poland for a little over a year now. I originally came to Poland with a visa that only lasted for a year to teach English here. My boss wanted me to stay at the school and teach another year. We applied for the karta pobytu in May 2017 and we are still waiting for it. The office hasn't contacted us at all and there is no possible way to make an appointment...I went two weeks ago to the office in Wroclaw but they couldn't give me any information on the process. I was wondering if anyone else is or has been in a similar situation and could give some advice?
I have the stamp in my passport saying that I applied and allowing me to live her legally while I wait, but I planned a trip to go back to America to see my family in January and I don't know if this stamp allows me to come back into Poland without any problems.
If anyone has any information that would be really helpful.


Waiting times for the card have been crazy long lately. I don't have a specific answer. You applied at May so its already been 6 months. Usually it takes 8-9 months. So all I can say is you are getting closer :)

That stamp will not give you a right to come back to Poland. If you leave Poland during your application process, you need a visa to come back.

I have a question for you too :) I applied 2 months ago. And still there is no mail for the stamp. When did you get that stamp on your passport? How long after applying?


I have been in the exact same situation. I applied in January this year and i got my card around august. I know some people who applied after me and got it before. What i'd suggest is to call them frequently to get an update and  yes you will have to wait until its ready to travel out of poland unfortunately. Also you will receive a letter first with the decision that you will have to take to the office along with your proof of address; from there it took another two weeks to finally have it in hands.


I am from California I'm in a different boat and I applied after getting married in September.  We got a call from the local office here in Gorzow Wielk. to come down and get the passport stamp and give other information.  We just had a visit from a Police officer on Saturday; does that mean that they are processing my application faster?  I too had hoped to go back to the US in December but can't until I at least get the decision.  Has anyone from the US ever left during this process and was able to come back to Poland?  When I go to the US I usually fly out of Berlin; I wonder if it makes a difference? Sarah, I know the waiting is really hard, are you planning on staying in Poland?

As far as I am concerned, the stamp entitles you to stay legally as most of you guys mentioned but not to leave the country. Upon leaving, you'll need to get a visa unless you're from a free-visa entry to Poland which I think it applies on you, Sarah and befranklin. Guess the US embassy could figure it out for you.

Thanks everyone for the help! I feel like I haven't been told any information and everywhere I read it says that people have only waited for 2 or 3 months so I was getting a little worried. But now that I have an estimate I feel a like better.
TurttleButtocks, I got my stamp the day we applied for my card in Wroclaw. He gave it to me right then when I turned in all my documents with my employer. So maybe you should go down to the office and go to the information desk and ask for this stamp. The man at the information desk was really helpful when I went a few weeks ago.
Everyone has told me that you can't leave Poland while you are waiting but I called the Warsaw Border Police and he said that since I am American I can legally come back into Poland but only on a tourist stay, which is 90 days. But I still feel nervous about the situation so I might cancel my tip in January and move it to the summer.
befranklin, I suggest you don't fly out of Berlin because everyone has told me that Germans are very strict with this whole situation and that they may fine you for "living in Schengen area illegally" because they don't recognize or simply care if you have a stamp for the Polish government. Someone suggested to me to fly directly from Poland to the US and directly back to Poland.
So for right now it is just a waiting game, but thanks again to everyone who answered

One note here: you are ALWAYS entitled to leave the country.
You won't be able to come back though on just the application stamp as it's not a travel document.

I have read all the comments which are very helpful. One question I have, which I do not see here is this - perhaps anyone has any experience:

I have a valid work-visa - valid still for another 10 months yet do not have a residency card.

a .. Does the work-visa permit me to travel freely in-and-out of Poland - regardless of how long I've been here?
b .. Does the work-visa have any bearing on the outcome of applying for residency - for when I'm ready to do so?

If any experience, kindly let me know. Much appreciated!!


a. visa is the travel document. Visa entitling you to work is self-explanatory:). You can travel on it within it's validity.
b. no

Thank you, Mundis. I appreciate the time you took to respond. Helps to know. I've called the offices and each person gives me a different answer. Thank you!

Mundis wrote:


a. visa is the travel document. Visa entitling you to work is self-explanatory:). You can travel on it within it's validity.
b. no

No problem, happy to help.

Check if you have a Schengen visa (most popular) or country visa. Then you'll know if you can travel all over Schengen zone or just between Poland and your home country (and some countries on the way if necessary).
Also, citizens of some countries do not require a visa for a short visit (e.g. 90 day visa free)

As US citizen you are on the 90-day visa-free travel to Poland, so what's the problem in leaving to the US and coming back?

That's exactly what I'm thinking and what many have told me, whereas a lot of people have said that I absolutely cannot leave Poland while waiting for my card. It makes no sense in my eyes. It seems that no officials can give me a straight answer

Stop listening to wrong people then:).

Hi sar3

Have you had any clarity on this issue yet? I will be married shortly and will then be applying for a temporary residency permit but I am very wary of what this will mean regarding my freedom of movement. I have business interests in other EU countries and it seems crazy to me that I would not be allowed to travel to these countries after applying for my temporary residency card.

I am from india and i want to coming in poland and i plan that there i will be settele and i want to aply TRC card so how can i apply this TRC and what is the document required for them. How many time validity and what is the rights which can give me. And in which area this will be valid.

First of all you have to get visa and come to Poland because you can't apply temporary residence permit when staying abroad. If you want to apply TRP on the basis of work it would be good to apply first visa with purpose to work.

I am from Iran, I have applied for card but the decision on my request for getting temporary residence permission card has not been made by the immigration office yet. I have application number and I have submitted fingerprint too, but I am not in Poland and my visa will be expired soon. Can I enter Poland with my application letter?

hello Sarah ,

I have same issues regarding karta pobyta ,
did you got your card ?



Hello, have you got the karta pobytu now? How long did it take until you get it?

Just so you know that it will take almost a year to get your probytu karta. For me from start to finish it took 11 months for me to get it and then an additional month before I could pick up the card. One recommendation would be to schedule card pick up as soon as you know that you will be getting it.

Can I know how lond did y'all wait after decision to get the card?

If you get all document payment 50zł , report in the apartment than you should wait about 4-8 weeks.

It's been 3 months now. And people have told me that it takes 3-4 months. Is there anyway I can speed up the process?

Faroz123 wrote:

It's been 3 months now. And people have told me that it takes 3-4 months. Is there anyway I can speed up the process?

Sorry No!

Faroz123 wrote:

It's been 3 months now. And people have told me that it takes 3-4 months. Is there anyway I can speed up the process?

I've been waiting since July last year, they asked me to submit other documents last week, so I think no.

Are you waiting for the decision you have the decision?


I will be starting my Blue card process soon. My visa is valid till December 2019.
1. What are the chances to have my blue card before November?
2. Can I go back in November to come within a week from my home country? So will that allow me to stay in Poland till the time I have my Blue card?


I know its been a long time since you posted this question but for other readers I would like to inform that Americans are allowed to do visa runs in Poland.It also says that on Polish consulate in Usa site.Every time you can leave Poland and come back anytime for 90 days until you overstay then there is a fine only.I know lots of Americans doing that in Warsaw,they go to ukraine for a night and come back to Poland and are doing that for years.Mind you,this is only for Americans due to the agreement signed between Polish & US governments.


Thanks for the reply.

I'm from India (non EU) so what will be in my case?


Hi everyone.

Recently i have applied for a temporary residence permit on my behalf of my husband, on the basis of family reunification.
My husband wasn't in Poland at the time.
Fortunately we recieved a positive decision recently to grant him a temporary residence permit in poland.
Now we are looking for applying to a visa for him to collect his card in person.

We are contemplating on,  whether to go with a schengen or a national visa, how long should be the duration of this sort of visa and should there be a return ticket reservation in case we chose to go with the schengen type 90 day visa?

Anyone went through this process before ?
Thanks in advance ...

Hello everyone,
I am on D-type Visa, My visa will expire on the 1st week of December 2019. I am planning to apply for TRC.  I am curious to know, what if i apply for TRC and my visa Expires before i get my TR Card. So what should i do? I mean can i stay in Poland while my TRC is in Process or i have to leave. If i can stay, Can i work legally same time? Thank you

I applied for temporary residence in January. My status shown is 'your decision has been issued, expect an sms'. It's been more than a month, I didn't receive any call, courier ot sms. I don't know if the decision is positive or negative. Was there anyone in similar situation? How much is the waiting time to know if the decision is positive or negative?

ayesha94 wrote:

I applied for temporary residence in January. My status shown is 'your decision has been issued, expect an sms'. It's been more than a month, I didn't receive any call, courier ot sms. I don't know if the decision is positive or negative. Was there anyone in similar situation? How much is the waiting time to know if the decision is positive or negative?

Why don't you contact the government office?

Hi there,

I was told by my lawyer that the immigration office has an additional 3months delay added to the well known usual delays,due to the fact that they were not working as usual during  the COVID related semi lockdown. The best thing would be to try and find out from them again.

Thank you for your reply. I have sent them query and got the reply "The decision in the case was signed on 19.05.2020.As regards the date of collecting th residence card, please wait for information from the office".

Does it mean the decision is positive? Bcz it's a system generated mail, so I am not sure if it's positive yet.

Hello Ayesha, I'm in the exact same position.
I contacted the Office and they told me that a positive decision was issued on 18.07.2020 and that they will contact me with SMS, or mail. I still haven't received anything.
Can you tell me how long it took you after the positive decision to collect the Card. Thank you in advance.

Hi, my friend got a negative decision because he submitted home contract which was signed by not a landowner of a flat, but someone else who did not had wrights to sign home contract. . Anywho, he was waiting for thees decision more than a year, but hopefully he had found a good firm, consultants are very qualified , and after them took his case it left 2.5 mounth, and he received TRC for 3 years. Thanks Audytowanie/pl. Highly recommended:)

Hey, I also was doing my card with Audytowanie.pl company. And the company is very legit. I am really satisfied. Actually, I've been living in Poland for quite a while and visited many consulting companies and some of them were just taking money from people and cheated them. When I was doing my first card based on my work I got negative decision and that was a mess in my case. I didn't know what to do and I was not sure whether it is possible to solve my situation. That was first time when I came to Audytowanie.pl company and they made appeal for me, so I got positive decision after JUST 4 MONTH! Some of my friends were waiting for a year or even more so it was the first time when I realized that it is possible to get the decision fast, you just need to know what documents to submit and how to push the Immigration office. Now I am already doing my second card and pretty sure that I will get positive decision.