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My name is Shurla n I am from the Caribbean, well Trinidad n Tobago to be exact. I want to move to Poland so I can be with my partner. We meet when I was living in London but I had to move back to my home town because my visa expired.

Now the thing is my partner n I plan to get married soon. I am not sure though what I will need to do after this as he is currently still living in London, my country do not have a Polish embassy or consulant that I can enquire the steps we would need to take.

Any help or advise would really be great :).

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P.S my partner is a polish national

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Good luck :)

You claim there's no Polish embassy in your country? In this case, you should look for the closest Polish embassy - even if it's located in a different country near you. Your boyfriend should send you an official invitation (he ca get it in state office in any major city in Poland - urzad wojewodzki), and send it to you. Then, you bring this invitation to your nearest Polish embassy and apply for a national visa type-D, or, if it's somehow impossible, you can try to get a Schengen visa with a maximum stay of up to 90 days. Anyway, when you're finally in Poland, you will have to manage wedding quick, so you can apply for a temporary stay card :) and be with your loved one here.

If you can read in Polish language - check this site: there are a lot of information about married etc.

BTW. Here you have a "Urząd Stanu Cywilnego" in Warszawa. Maybe you need to call here.

Hi guys

Thanks for the advise....really helps...would it be easier for my partner parents to help me with paperwork to get things sorted???

I am kinder of looking at ALL options to get there by Christmas....

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LaKenyane wrote:

Shurla, this is what it really looks like. Polish embassies don't dish out visas easily these days because of the drama involved with the previous expats who paid polish people to marry them and get polish citizenship plus the increasing number of illegal immigrants. You will really need to have a very good reason to visit Poland(getting married is a big no no) and documents showing that you plan to go back to Tobago(work permit/school papers etc)
You have no choice but to do as Jakub has suggested. The only thing your bf family can help u with from Poland is getting the invitation form. :/
Here's a link of docs required:

The other option would be to apply for a sheghen visa from other countries in the sheghen community then use it to enter Poland. Get married and apply for a residence card using your marriage certificate.

What awaits u:
Once u get married you can apply for the residence card which will expire after 3yrs.
45days before it expires, you can apply for permanent citizenship. You and your then husband will be interviewed by government officials. This is to check if your commitment is legit. If you are convincing, you will officially become a Polish citizen.

PS: before coming to Poland please arrange to get a Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage from your country. You will need it to get married here. You have to get married I think 30days before it expires. You will need your birthcerticate too. Apparently in Poland birth certificates have expiry dates. If your country issues such a certificate then keep in mind when making your travel plans that you have to get married 30days before it expires too. (otherwise no priest will marry you)
About whether to pick a church wedding or a civil one. Well civil ones are fast and not romantic hehe ;) but as for a church wedding you need to be baptized preferably in a catholic church and be prepared for a compulsory pre-marriage consueling before the ceremony. :) So you can 1st arrange a civil marriage and once u have all the papers then you can go ahead and plan the big church wedding ;)

Feel free to ask me any more questions. Sorry for any errors coz I'm typing all this with a tinnie tiny mobile keyboard hehe ;)