Applied for working permit, website not working

Dear Forum, Happy new year!

The thing is that I have applied for working permit in October 2021, I was following my case at

This website has stopped working since November 2022. Where can I follow my case?

Thank you for your replies.

Hello juliaturnes,

Any update on this situation since the time you posted your message here?

Were you able to get your work permit?

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Cheryl team

Hi Cheryl,  I only got a consultation where I was recommended to wait .  Website is not working yet.

Hello !

The e-mail address where you can ask questions about your case :

The new website : … rtal-inpol

Perhaps It can help you.

@Penetang Yes, thanks. The thing is I asked already, and filled in the blank, no reply yet.

Hello.. I am having valid Dubai UAE Driving License and work Experience 12 years. May can I eligible for EUROPE as a Truck Driver please. Thanks