Poland Work permit/ visa

Hi there,

Can anyone with experience advise on how to obtain a work permit and visa to Poland for a serious minded Nigerian national...?

Hello how I apply

You need a special visa to be permitted to work here. This can be obtained only if you have a firm employment contract before coming. Most jobs necessitate a good practice of the language and a qualification that is in shortage here. Polish and UE citizens come first. For construction and agricultural field jobs, neighboring ukrainians are welcome. Even Russians as we can communicate with them due to the similarity of languages. Just coming here and look  for a job seems almost impossible. The authorities are much stricter in Poland than in Western Europe. No social help at all for "newcomers" either.

Hello sir how are you I am intereste
Sir, I want to go to Poland  How to apply work permit please help me

Same as above. If you don't speak Polish and don't have a professionnal speciality in demand here, you won't get a permit.

You want to go to Poland. Are you sure you are wanted here? Only specialists who really offer something special get a work permit. If you don't speak Polish, better forget about it.

Hi, i am intersected. I need a job in Poland. Can you give me more importatio. How i got this job?

Poland does not probably need you. If you don't speak the language and have not got a rare qualification in demand here, you better try more permissive countries.

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There is a law firm that process permits for study and other purposes. There official website is https://sergienkolawyers.com/

Please can you help run a check on this firm if they are legitimate firm or scam.

Your response will be well appreciated sir.

Thank you for your usual valuable advice!

Rarher ask the Polish consulate in Nigeria.
You will need a special visa to work here. If you don't speak Polish and can't show you have a professionnal speciality in demand, don't even bother to apply. Unskilled jobs are reserved to neighbouring Ukrainians or UE citizens.

abiolakoladeo wrote:

Hi there,

Can anyone with experience advise on how to obtain a work permit and visa to Poland for a serious minded Nigerian national...?

Ok I am ready

I am ready work permit Poland

Okay. Do you process work permit Poland?

Hi..are you still in search of Poland work permit...what's your email address.

Try to be polite

Hi .I am shamim from Bangladesh . But I am in South africa. I am finish of diploma  building construction .

Sir hi lam interested  work in poland I am driver and farmer worker and experience 15 years in these fields thank u sir

I have job in Canada, New Zealand and Australia if you are interested.

I have job in Canada, New Zealand and Australia if you are interested.

Hello everyone,

Please note that you will not find a job on the forum. If you are serious about finding a job, please go through the articles of the Living in Poland guide for expats. It contains information about visa, work, work permit etc.

For those who are qualified, you may drop an advert in the Jobs in Poland

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@Bhavna  I need a work permit restored

@ Aliminsur086,

Who processed your 1st work permit ? Where were the formalities done ?



@abiolakoladeo get me here **********

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Hie would u please kindly assist on how to go about the search in Poland,?

@tichchamboko1 Hello and welcome,

Are you looking for job ? If yes, what are your qualifications please ?



Hi! Thanks for the response. Yes, I am looking for a job, and below are the lists of my qualifications:

  • I am a college graduate
  • I am computer literate and well-versed in using Google apps, Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Excel
  • I can communicate well in English and am a very friendly person also.
  • I am adaptable and detail-oriented as well.

These are a few of my traits at work and I can say my qualifications as well. And by the way, may I know who am I chatting with?

Hello Mariemar2020,

Welcome on board !

The official language used in Poland is Polish, I think that for better chances at finding a job, one needs to know the language.

Find out what you need to land an opportunity by reading the articles of the Work in Poland section of the Guide.

All the best


Thanks for the info. Ms. Bhavna.

@GuestPoster745 this is not professional at all😒😒

Hello Naavaeve,

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@Bhavna can you help me

Hello kalpnathnishad61,

In order for us to assist you effectively, it is essential for us to understand what you are seeking. Therefore,  kindly provide us with additional details.  1f603.svg



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@abiolakoladeo Hi

@sdiogni  hi my brother am interested as well,but living in South Africa currently

Hello everyone,

To know more about visas in Poland, please refer to the following website : https://www.gov.pl/web/diplomacy/visas




I would like to know if  polish is compulsory  in applying for construction work or ware house works

because  nowadays  agents are like English is the only requirement  when it comes to language