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Wondering how to find accommodation in Krakow? Learn about the specifics of the city’s rental market in this article.

As the capital of the voivodship of Lesser Poland, Krakow is the country’s second largest city after Warsaw and one of its oldest cities. Located in the south of the country, Krakow is a popular destination among expats thanks to its economic dynamism and the numerous professional opportunities it provides at all levels. So if you have also decided to relocate here, you should not have much trouble in finding accommodation in Krakow’s developed rental market. But take the time to enquire on its different neighbourhoods beforehand.


The city consists of 18 districts, some of which are popular residential areas, some are great for sightseeing, some are home to the best nightlife spots in the city, etc.

Old Town is the heart of the city, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the main sightseeing destination for tourists. It is also the city’s most expensive district to rent in. Krowodrza and Grzegórzki districts are closest to Old Town and are generally considered to be good residential areas for expats — prices here are also slightly lower than in the centre proper.

Debniki, better known as District No. VIII, is a greener area with a nice lake and is especially popular with foreign students due to the presence of the Third Campus of the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, as well as other higher education institutions.

Podgorze, for its part, is a student, residential and industrial neighbourhood. The district stretches along the banks of the Vistula River and is known for its post-industrial architecture and Schindler’s Factory located within its borders.

Kazimierz, formerly the city’s Jewish Quarter, is now a hip and modern area housing some of Krakow’s coolest restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. District Mistrzejowice, is a mainly residential area comprising many properties while Bieńczyce and Wzgorza are mostly administrative areas. Finally, Nowa Huta is Krakow's most dense neighbourhood with more than 200,000 inhabitants coming from different backgrounds (workers, middle-class, executives, etc).

Krakow is generally a very safe city but it’s still best to avoid strolling through remote residential areas like Nowa Huta after dark: city centre and nearby areas are best suited for nighttime exploration.

Rent prices

Given the city's great diversity, rent prices in Krakow usually vary from one neighbourhood to another. To rent a studio in or around the city centre, you will need at least $500. Student districts also tend to be on the pricier side — this is why a great number of students prefer the house sharing option. At the same time, rent prices in the city’s most popular residential district, Nowa Huta, start at around $200.

Find accommodation

Like elsewhere in the country, you may start your housing search on the Internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. Consider registering with a real estate agency as well. However, make sure to set up your criteria according to your situation (student, limited budget, children's school fees, proximity to your workplace, public transportation, facilities, etc.).

If you are not yet well-acquainted with Krakow, you might prefer short-term accommodation at the start. Once you have settled here, you may take the time to look for long-term housing by touring different neighbourhoods and enquiring about the best locations from locals. Word-of-mouth may definitely help if you have friends or colleagues on the spot.

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