Got Work Permit in Poland, How to get the Polish citizenship/Passport?

Hi Everyone,

I got a Job offer to work in Poland and an happy to have this chance and relocation.

am thinking about the Polish citizenship and the permanent stay/residency in Poland, so can you please help and advice about what I need to do/apply/provide and require to gain the Polish Citizenship?

Besides that, please let me know If anyone had the same situation and took the Polish Citizenship.

In the meantime, I had a look into the following link which has some details but I need an advice from anyone who had experienced the same situation:

Your help and advices are really highly appreciated.

no thoughts about this?

hello sir i was in poland the last 4 years.i was work with one polish company .right now i dont have work ,but i have visa till 2014 may .if i get permenent residency what i have do there is any chance?

Hi syjo,

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Please feel free to create a new topic on the Poland forum, with details of information you are looking for. :)