Car modifications :)

Hello, I moved to Poland 2 weeks ago and thinking about

buying an M4, also want to modify some stuff like an

exhaust,wheels etc. As an example do I need to register

my wheels or my modified exhaust anywhere or can I just

do it an the police won't care or how does it work ?

After modify you need to check your car in a  vehicle inspection station Stacja Kontroli Pojazdów, remember that in the Poland the tire (tyre width) cannot protrude beyond the outline of the car.

Here is list of vehicle inspection stations


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@MJ Services Hello, thank you for your input but the link wil not work as the PDF is stored in your personal documents.

If you have a link to a website (public) please do let us know.



put in google:  stacja kontroli pojazdów 

@adamsayed64  Before you can receive a Polish license plate, tour car must pass an inspection at an inspection station (Stacja kontroli pojazdów).  Any document for your car must be officially translated into Polish.  The cost of your first inspection is 169 pln.  after that, it is about 100-120 pln yearly. 

Your car has to pass emission standards and has to pass the roadworthiness check which makes sure things like lights (which have to be on at all times technically), suspension, brakes, chassis and such all work and are in good condition. You can have mods and aftermarket parts but they must all be in good working condition.

Body kits are allowed but many streets and highways in Poland dip low so your front lip might be obliterated within a few weeks.

The car inspections can be very strict.  If you fail, they will give you a printout of what must be corrected or repaired within 7 days.  So if it is a major adjustment to your engine, etc. it could be costly and without much time to do it.