Driving in Poland with foreign driving license

Hi all. Question to expats living in Poland and driving cars. Can you use your native driving license or do you need to obtain a Polish driving license?

you must have a Polish driving license or international driving license.

Thanks passerby!

Another question - I would like to bring my car to Poland. I will stay in Poland under a temporary residence permit issued for one year.

Do I have in this case to pay taxes and customs duties on my car to be able to drive it in Poland within a year? Or maybe there is an option of crossing the border every 3 months to avoid paying these taxes & duites?

sorry, i have no Idea about this situation, me, i bought my car from Poland and i have Polish driving license. maybe another foreign could help you i hope.but i think you have to pay tax but i am not sure.
i remember 2 years a go i went to Germany by my car for 5 days and i didn't pay tax. but a friend of mine went to Czech Republic from Poland and told me that in Czech Rep you have to pay tax even for 1 day.

Thanks anyway. Next week I will get my international driving license but what really concerns me is my car. It might be cheaper to sell my car in Ukraine and buy another one in Poland. But I love my car so much))) I do not want to sell it.

Hi all,
i would like to apply poland Driving license, where i will get theory test software. any one please provide the details

you can buy from empik store, or when you go to the department for driving license. there is by English if you wanted your exama by English. and by Polish if you wanted your Exama by Polish in case you speak polish or you like bring translator with you.

You don't need a local driving licence, especially if you have an EU-issued driving licence or a non-EU (most countries in the world) then you can use it for 6 months. And in many cases it's just not worth it to do it anyway.