Nju SIM cards

Hi guys,
I've been in Warsaw a whole week already!
Can anybody advise me how to top up my nju SIM card (5 PLN starter) that I bought the other day.
Can I do it on-line with a credit card. Alternatively, I've seen machines at metro stations where it looks as if I can add cash but they're not terribly user friendly in English. Which buttons do I need to push!
Thanks in advance


As per this website:

http://www.njumobile.pl/obsluga/uslugi, … nju-mobile

You can simply buy a card in any Kiosk or Petrol Station. It can be NJU Card or Orange card "Karta Doladowania" Then you get the 14 digits code that you can use to top up your mobile :)

on your mobile type: *128* 14-digit code and press "Call" button.

Hope that helps!

PKO BP cash dispensers (ATMs) are English users friendly. After you insert your credit card, you can choose the English language, then type your PIN, and then choose the option "mobile recharge".