Any English women who married a Polish man (usually its vice versa)

Am i the only one? So far i,ve just seen English men having Polish girlfriends.

No, you definatly aren't the only one. Silly question really :) I know quite a few, In and out of the family :D

Not a silly question. Just a question.  Its just i havn't met any yet. On the other hand i know plenty of Polish women who are with English men. If you say they are out there i shouldnt worry being one of few English women living amongst a Polish family in Poland ;-)

no you are not the only one!! I am not married yet but I can say that polish men are the best in the world (at least mine is!!) :-p they are generally polite and behave like gentlemen. plus they have a sense of adventure and always make you laugh. this is my experience. and they are better looking then english men. the question is, can any english girls learn polish? I am trying but it's not so easy... :-o

my sentiments exactly. my man is just amazing and i feel like a princess when with him. Although i'm sure in any country there are men who live in the dark ages and treat women like slaves ;-0 polish is quite an easy language (so they say)but much easier to learn when living there. my language is very basic as we are still in england although i am told my voice when i speak is very beautiful like a woman from the mountains ;-0 i have asked my husband to speak a scentance in polish then follow with the same in english. i have found this to help although it does generally take me 4 months to finally get 1 word. Stick with it and glad you are happy too

I am trying to learn polish but very slowly and it is difficult for me - the most I can say is csesz and yak sie masz type stuff! but I do understand the general idea of what's said... sometimesš!! :-( I know most of the polish oaths, I'm sorry to admit! glad you are happy too, before I met him I didn't know anything about poland (russia was my thing) but I have discovered it is a lovely country with a great culture. I must say I admire the poles. Have you ever been to poland? I have not visited yet.

Sorry for late reply.

Laughing at your being fluent in Polish oaths, i am the same ;-). Yes i have been to Poland 3 times last year and go again in two weeks for christmas and new year. My mans family live near limanowa an hour from Krakow in a beautiful village. I love it there, theres not much to do apart from visit family all over the village and see to the animals in the barn but great. Such a change to the hustle and bustle of city life (live in manchester). We start building our house there Easter next year, should take another 2 or 3 years of working in the UK before its finished, we are so excited. You should visit soon. I'll warn you though you will fall in love all over again ;-) p.s not speaking Polish in a room full of Poles is very very funny! just get them to get the accordian out and can la la laaa and clap along like me.


I'm another English woman with a Polish other half and in laws. So your definitely not alone.
I also struggle with the language but I'm slowly picking it up quite well. I can speak a little (very good at swearing and slang) but I understand lots. I'm going to be living in Warsaw very soon so plan to take some lessons to improve.
Where are you from in the UK? I'm from the north east. xx

I'm from Cumbria but based in Manchester. I am just going to learn as i go along and not worry too much. Spent another lovely christmas and new year in Poland and we coped ;-) Vodka helps. When do you plan to move there? its a big change isnt it? p.s How did you both meet?

Opposite side of the country to me then in Cumbria. I have family in Manchester (Hyde).
Yeah, don't stress about the language, it will become easier with time and practise. I find watching Polish TV helps and also when we watch films my other half puts polish subtitles to them and I learn that way too. The thing I find most difficult is a lot of Polish words are just un-natural to English tongues, letters that we have never before had to use together just don't roll from our mouths with ease. I have given my boyfriend plenty of laughs while he listens as i ruin his language:D  I spent a while in Warsaw last year and managed ok (except for one time when i mistakenly informed one of the staff in the local Tesco....  Przepraszam, nie rozumiem moj jezyk polski jest gowno!!! which translates sorry, i dont understand, my polish language is shite lol) I didn't mean it to come out that just kind of did :unsure luckily the guy seen the funny side, but I'm more careful with what I say now, I would have been mortified if I had insulted an older person.
We are travelling to Warsaw this weekend and we met when we both worked together.

Funny we live in Ashton under lyne ;-) It is funny when people mistake you for being Polish. The Shit word makes me laugh....its like our Govener with of course is slag for alright boss lol. Last year we were on Skype with my mans brother looking for cars and i didnt understand why his brother kept saying co? co? when i repeatedly said ooohh chesp car cheap car! Of course this sounds like lady bits in Polish ha ha. We are off to Poland again on the 6th for business and will buy a decoder for the Polish tv as yes i'm sure you are right. p.s polish men are lovely arnt they ;-)

Ha ha "cheap" i know exactly which polish word you mean lol. Tell your other half to check the Tv companies...we had Aster in our flat in Poland and there was lots of channels with English subs or that allowed you to change the language to English too, if you want to.

p.s polish men are lovely arnt they ;-)

......Very :par:

working from home today ;-) ah nice tip because we want to be a bi lingual family when we live in Poland. Miras doesnt pressure me to speak the language as he loves our language and is proud i taught him it. Everyone in the village is impressed and a little jealous i think. His neices and nephews love having an English Aunt and show me off to their freinds and English language teacher (who is a little afraid of me). A few are learning English at school but most scared to try just like me when speaking Polish, people giggle but Miras says its cause i sound sweet. One nephew refuses to accept i am English and talks to me in Polish all the time lol (cute). One neighbour said he is going to English school as he can sense i am very funny when we have parties and would like for Miras to not have to translate every 2 mins (i did teach him some rude words to go to work with in the new year though). Do you have children yet? How are your husbands family with you?

It's probably the same for his family when trying to speak English, the same as it is for us...feeling embarrassed/shy lol  His family are all great with me, his Dad n brother speak English anyway, his mum doesn't (with the exception of a few swear words) but like I said I understand lots, the only thing I ask when they speak Polish is to SLOW down and I'm usually fine, catch 90% of the conversation. In my last job i often had to speak with polish customers here in the UK and they would ask for a translator, I could speak pleasantries with them, greeting, ask them to wait, tell them what i was doing etc...explain my partner was Polish when they asked how i could speak their language and what really blew their mind was answering them before the translator had a chance to translate to me pmsl
I know what it's like when you have to keep asking "what" "what" during every conversation, i do it when he speaks with his friends and uses slang.
He probably knows as much English bad language as i do lol although "KURWA" is still his fav pmsl
No we don't have any children yet, plan to soon though, what about you?

iv just recently started dating a polish guy, and i find him to be so perfect, handsome, charming, and so so thoughtful and caring, im pleased to say he has made me more happy than ive ever been in any other relationship, but as i do not speak any polish and his english is sketchy,:/ id like to learn some basics, any advice girls- is it hard to learn? or easier to maybe teach him more english as he lives here in the uk? but can honestly say hes the man of my dreams!

Welcome to the "English GF" gang ha ha

The language - without wanting to put you off, Polish is extremely difficult to learn and use correctly but once you master the basic rules it does become easier. The pronunciation will blow your mind :) but ask him to help you with that.
As he lives in the UK it will probably be easier for him to pick up English quicker than you will Polish.
I started with a beginner CD/book and went from there (BF didn't have the patience to teach me) I'm now looking for a School in Warsaw so I can learn to speak better but I use Polish every day - work, shopping, neighbours etc... and I manage, everyone is patient and understands me (even though they maybe want to laugh sometimes as I murder their language) If you're determined you can do it.

Ah - you can use Google translate for simple translations, one word stuff but don't try nothing too in depth because it often makes a mockery of what you try to say :)

Hi Girls Its Tommy here , just accidently founded this website . Its so cool
First of all debra congrats new polish lang words , respect for You as this lang is extrem difficult we're all knows it , however there is no sweetest girls like girl trying to speak polish lang.just london girl get him to lern english :-)

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You are not alone. I met my husband when he came as part of a team to work in my London flat. The way he laid that plaster was irresistible. We are both retired and have built a house 100km from Krakow. We will live there when we are able to get away. Happy to correspond.

Hey all  i've not been on a while so sorry for not talking to everyone, we have been having a baby and just got married in October 2015. I have made the move to Poland with the little one just 4 days ago. She is 3 now. Hubby follows at Christmas. We too have built a house 1hr 15 from Krakow. Zakopane way. Almost finished. Nothing like our home in the UK. I'm rattling about in it like lady of the Manor lol. Any tips for making a new life here?

francesfederer wrote:

You are not alone. I met my husband when he came as part of a team to work in my London flat. The way he laid that plaster was irresistible. We are both retired and have built a house 100km from Krakow. We will live there when we are able to get away. Happy to correspond.

Hey where abouts you building

It is Stopnica, close to Busko Zdroj. North east of Krakow.

I would think as soon as you can, get out and meet people, so you don't feel alone. Just like anywhere new. And get stuck into as many activities with other people as you are able to. You will then soon feel part of the place, I would think.  Mother and baby clubs in the UK help a lot, but I dont know what there is in Poland for mums.  We will be there again for January/Feb. If you want to talk more let me know and we can email.  Good luck!

Hello. Nice to meet/chat with you. I get out in the Car but again its just me and the 3 yr old. I will ask about for toddler groups. As you know they start school later here. I like that but the wee one needs to pick up more of the Language. Surrounded by Hubbys family but all Cousins way older and Boys so not intetested in her. Babca and jadek having major houseworks done so not seen much of them. Just been cleaning and getting through dust. May have a drive to Zakopane tomorrow? Hubby here on 18th. Been hard being seperated from him.
So you are not in Poland for Christmas? Better for the Liver i guess? Nice to speak to somebody similar. Thanks

Hi Debra
I am Frances. Husband is Stefan. We are living in London with my parents  who are 97 and 95, would You believe.  That's why we can't just take off for Poland,  much as we Would like to.  So we go there for, 4, 6,  weeks and come back for similar length of time. But of course things can change and we could find ourselves here for a while.
We built the house and there is still plenty to do on it and in the half acre podworki. 
We will be there for a few weeks from about 10 January. 
Have you got a car? If you are there and would like you would be very welcome to visit us.
It must be hard without your husband.  Where does he work?
How is your polish? can you talk to the family?
Very nice to talk to you.
Best Frances

Hello. I am Debra and i am Married to Miras i am 43 and he is nine years my Junior. We have a very much tried for and loved 3 yr old Daughter named Lilia.  Our home is in Mlynczyska, and lukowica is the closest small Town , Limanowa is next up in size. I tend to drive to Nowy Sacz if i crave more choice in products. Miras works as a Site Supervisor in Constuction. He has been working on Renewable Energy Plants in the UK  for the past four years. Thirteen days til he is home for Christmas. Sadly my Parents are departed and my Older Siblings are in Spain and Australia so i can be here with no problems. Wow yours are in their 90's!! Thats amazing. No doubt a full time Job making sure they are OK for you.
Answereing your Question about my Polish Language. Not much. I find it hard to join the words together to make sense so its a case of one words, pointing, google translate and Lilia translating. When Miras here its completely different. We have one of his Brothers in UK with Miras working to get works done on their Parents house. They are getting new Kitchen,new bathroom, hallway, basically everywhere modernised so can't really go visit down there (100 yrds away) like we usually would. They have been this morining though. Its a beautiful warmish sunny day here today. No Snow ready for Mikolaj coming tonight. Going to take a drive and get some last bits and maybe a walk in the Forest? Be great to correspond.

Thanks for this. So you are in Poland and your polish husband is in England? That's unusual. 
You don't have a place to live in the UK?
Right now son,wife and 2 grandchildren are visiting for the weekend and to celebrate 97th birthday of dad. We all went swimming this morning,  4 generations .
Take care and love to Poland

Yes we came to get the house ready for Christmas. 1st Christmas in New House. Yes we have a home in UK. He and his Brother there. Also LilIa was becoming too English. As we want her to go to school in Poland we need to get her more used to the Language and ways. Starting School in the UK would be unfair. We thought  it would be easy but after one week we are struggling.  12 more days till we see him. Miras job pays too well in the UK  and he has one more Contract to forefill  ending 2017. We have no Credit on Polish House. We want it to stay that way. Then when he comes back for good we can take any work and not worry about paying back anybody. Lilia will be 5 yes old when he comes back for good. We can fly to and from UK in the meantime.
Gosh big birthday celebrations. Amazing.

There are many divorces out there Yvonne so maybe baggage. Still the Polish Men in my opinion are the sweetest. I hope some are reading this and you find your man

Hi all, just been looking for some info about the subject and found this.... Phew, looks like I won't be the only one! Sarah