Looking for Filipino friends/ community In Poland.

Hi everyone!!
I'm Jez 25, female. I would like to met Filipinos in Poland around Wroclaw If interested just message me. See you.

P.s. Will be there on 23rd of July.

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I am completing my Masters dissertation on Filipino expats in Poland. If anyone would be interested in being involved, please let me know - it would be a huge help!

Thank you,

Hello Jez! I saw your message in the Filipinos in Poland thread and I wanted to reply as I am really interested in finding out about life in Poland for Filipino expats.

I'm a postgraduate student at the University of Southampton in England and my dissertation is going to be on the experiences of Filipinos in Poland so any information I could get would be a huge help!

I hope to hear back from you  :)

Best wishes,

Hi Milenka!
I am half Filipino and half Indian who will be coming to Poland this August 2nd. I would love to help you with your dissertation :)


Thank you for getting in touch and for wanting to help with my dissertation! Will you be living in Poland or just visiting? :)

Best wishes,

I will be visiting for a year :)

Hi jez,

How are you? Are you in Wroclaw?

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