How to make friends in Poland

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Poland :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Poland??

Thanks in advance for your participation

OK, My honest advise was deleted, so I will put it in more refined terms. Go to parties, drink and relax with the friends you have to meet new ones. Work is not the place to make friends but the place to make money. Volunteer to help people with things like English, moving, remodeling,ect. Be yourself and your personality will get you through. Poles are very clever people. They recognize a fake gesture instantly. Do you realize that the Poles where the only occupied people to kick the Russians out of thier country without any bloodshed to speak of? How is that for a clever nation of people?

Yep. The best way to make some friends in Poland is just to go to sit at some bar, drink something and smiling to the people :) The most of them will speak up to you. Good luck :)

Hi everybody! The best way to make a polish friend is just to drop me a line ([email protected]). I have always wanted to have a friend not from Poland who speak English:)

You can do something better:
Have some hobby? Find others in city via internet, and now you have some connects by your hobby and city. Simple and I meet that
maaaaany ppls :)

mmm heared using nasza klasa or gadu gadu might help, but i strongly disagree with sitting in a bar and smile

Hi to everyone,

I guess we aren't not the most spontanous people in the world and it isn't very easy in Poland to make friends in one day. We need some time, more encounters before deciding to go further.

I am Polish myself and had troubles in settling down in Krakow after spending several years abroad, including South America where after 5 min. in a party, everybody knows you. 

But it doesn'y mean we are not rather means we are a kind of reserved at the beginning.

I think the best way to meet new people in Krakow ( for sure there would be many intreresting people interested!!) is to enroll in a certain activity, outing, event, language conversations ( I think this is the best option) via internet:

Here you have some options: ( a free group of people who have ideas on how to spend a weekend but not friends to join them )meet up a couple of times a week ( parties, outing, skiing, cinema, dancing, skating, whatever comes to their mind). ( ads related to language teaching).

The only problem is that...the pages are in Polish, so you would need some help in signing up, if you don't know Polish.

Maybe, you can organise something on this blog by proposing spontaneous meetings, converstation clubs in a nice herbaciarnia, visits to museums, etc.

Good luck in having fun in Poland!


PS. Here is my email( [email protected] )- I will be happy to answer your questions as far as possible:)

Dear friends,
Bars and parties are fine but from my experience you do not really make valuable connections in such spots – well, maybe between opposite sexes ;)  Special interest clubs are by far your best choice – not only to make friend but to make good business connections (why not have them both ! ). I am a member of Toastmasters Polska which meets in PKiN (smack in the middle of the city). It's a public speaking club (all done in English so don't worry about your Polish skills).(moderated: no ads) Also do not stress about the speaking part. They are more like a club than a workishop.

I would definitely advise to sign up to a sports club or any other hobby club - you can meet people of your interests and find new friends!

I have browsed the internet for that too, and I stumbled over the website They have pretty good article on Polish culture - totally what Ola mentioned above - Poles are rather reserved!

enjoy Poland

Switch off your computer; get out and get a life !!!

1. Enroll to a Polish class: there's many around the city.
You will definitely make new friends there. Also, speaking the language will increase chances to get new polish friends: Poles, excepts few notable exceptions, always welcome the foreigner who tries to speak their language.

2. Follow your passions.
Enroll to a gym, a swimmingpool, whatever... it will automatically come by itself.

Thank you very much

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Hi all :)
Anyone up for coffee or drink in Krakow?


I'm not in Krakow now, but you can definitely meet some interesting folk in Bull pub at Maly Rynek, or check out Milkbar at Tomasza street nearby.

Are there any places online to meet and make friends in Poland before actually moving there (where it's ok to speak English)?


I am looking for friends in Krakow Poland
I am here from last 8 months

I want a site where I can make friend in polan before moving into Poland ,,a.m. Tianna