Work in Krakow

I moved to Poland about a year ago, the reason I came here was that of two things, first, my girlfriend is polish and we both decided to move here, but the reason I wanted to move here is because I have been on holiday here a few times and I fell in love with Poland.
I unfortunately don't speak much polish however I'm trying and willing to learn as I see myself living here for a long time if not the rest of my life. I have worked in construction here in Poland, however, it's not what I would like to do. I'm willing to commute Krakow for work. I'm looking for work but not much luck, was hoping if anyone knows of any jobs or help pointing me in the right place

Hi Darren,

What's your professional experience? Is it constructions only or do you also have some other?

Hi Mundis,

My main experience is in sales and customer service, I have worked many years in retail as well as direct sales, B2B, telesales and quality assurance

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